inFamous: Second Son – Augustine final boss battle, Concrete Shrapnel

By Staff, Friday, 21 March 2014 01:21 GMT

Scale the D.U.P. tower and defeat Augustine to finish the game.

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As this is the last mission in the game it’s worth exploring Seattle one last time for any Blast Shards you may have missed. Don’t upgrade with them just yet though, wait until you earn a new power a little later on. You’ll need around 15-20 Blast Shards to make the final boss fight a lot easier.

Because we chose Good Karma missions we exposed Augustine. As soon as the mission starts, destroy the battery to power down the electric fence.

There’s a small army of D.U.P. agents across the street which you can pick off from a distance. Once that calms down head over to the platform and swap Neon for Smoke, Smoke Dashing through the vent, and then again through another vent.

While facing the building jump to your left and wait for Fetch to rescue you. Follow Fetch and take down the D.U.P. agents blocking your route. Try not to fall off the tower.

Follow Fetch all the way to the top of the tower and help Eugene fight off the D.U.P. until you can go through the roof. Now get ready for the final fight.

Boss Battle: Augustine

The first part of this fight is exactly the same as last time you took on Augustine. Use Bloodthirsty Blades to take care of the orbiting rocks and use Video Torrent to knock her on her ass. Then kick her in the face. Do this three times in total and call in the Hellfire Swarm.

When the fight starts again you have the Concrete power but no offensive weapon. Dodge all of Augustine’s attacks until Eugene arrives with a Core Relay. Suck up its power to get Boulder Dash which will help you avoid taking serious damage.

Again, you must dodge Augustine as best you can and wait for Eugene to arrive with a second Core Relay, which this time gives you Concrete Shrapnel when absorbed.

Now is the right time to use any spare Blast Shards you have collected during the game. Use them all on Concrete to upgrade Strength of Stone, Strength of Granite, Extended Shrapnel and Extended Dash to make the fight a lot easier.

Continue to dodge Augustine’s attacks but also begin to hit back with Concrete Shrapnel. Eventually Eugene will turn up again with another Core Relay, giving you Concrete Thrusters. You can now use those to easier avoid Augustine by jumping in the air as she approaches and moving out of her way.

Eugene will arrive a fourth time with a Core Relay which gives you Concrete Barrage. This is the offensive attack you’ve been waiting for – it replenishes automatically so hit Augustine every chance you get. It’s best to hit her in spider form but use everything you’ve got until she’s finally defeated.

Congratulations, you’ve beaten Augustine and finished InFamous: Second Son.

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