Thief Walkthrough – Client Job 1: Hand Tailored

By Staff
3 March 2014 09:04 GMT

Guilt Has Black Wings, The Statuesque Lady and the Mechanical Hand are all ripe for the picking in this walkthrough.


Look out for four Eelbiters in this Client Job, and make sure you remain undeteced while you move through the shop to pick up Collectible Loot items. You can also complete Pick 5 Pockets, one of the Thieving Challenges.

Thieving Challenges

• Remain Undetected – 120 G
• Pick 5 Pockets -90 G
• 1 Kill or Knockout – 50 G
• Lift All Loot items – 230 G

Note: To unlock this client job from Ector you must complete Chapter 1: Lockdown.

Objective 1: Steal the Automaton’s Mechanical Hand

At the start of the job listen to the conversation between the Eelbiter and the civilian. The civilian will walk towards you and it’s then your time to decide what to do. There’s no reward for not hurting Eelbiters so feel free to bump them off any way you want. Whatever you decide, we’d recommend picking their pockets before you deal with them to complete the Thieving Challenges.

Look out for broken glass on the floor that will give away your position, and approach the Eelbiter on his left. He has two purses, so grab them both and either leave him alone or knock him out. It’s important to note that the Moral Victory trophy/achievement only applies to the chapters of the main game, so you won’t be punished for knocking this guy out. Remember that the Kill or Knockout Thieving Challenge requires you harm someone, so don’t act the pacifist if you want to unlock that.

Head down the alley to the right, climb the window and loot the room. Ignore the back entrance of the shop. There’s a Poppy near the cart which you can take, then climb the crates by the door and head up to a small room. Switch the lights off and wait for an Eelbiter. Sneak behind him, pick his pocket and knock him out/leave him alone. If you leave this Eelbiter alone you’ll be playing hide and seek with this guy while you’re in the residence making it much harder. Loot the next two rooms and if you’ve left the Eelbiter alone make sure you use the vent to hide when he comes back around.

You’ll find The Court of Montonessi (3/12) – Guilt Has Black Wings on the wall which you can prise off with the Razor Tool. Whiteridge’s Duty (1/6) – The Statuesque Lady is behind the lock on the night stand in the bedroom. Once you’ve got your goods move to the basement and ignore the main floor entirely. There’s a guard down here so pick his pockets and knock him out. Pick the lock on the sae and grab the Client Loot (2/8) – The Mechanical Hand, then head to the main floor.

Objective 2: Escape Alfonso’s Attire

You’ll find the last Eelbiter smacking the tailor about so wait from him to beat him unconscious then sneak behind him and pick his pockets. Loot the room and exit through the front door, back to the place where you started. Job done.

Thief walkthrough – complete all Client Jobs, unlock Working Overtime & solve all puzzles.

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