GOG’s Fall Insomnia sale now on, get the savings inside

By Staff, Wednesday, 13 November 2013 21:09 GMT

GOG has sent us details of its Fall Insomnia promotion, which sees hundreds of games discounted until copies run dry. Titles that went on sale and went as fast as you can blink were Legacy of Kain and Leisure Suit Larry, Torchlight is 80% off right this minute, so hurry.

The sale includes over 100 blockbuster games at budget prices, and limited availability of each game in the sale at up to 80% off.

These discounts-and free games are in very limited numbers as well, starting today and running until “GOG.com is out of games.”

Games will be on sale only one at a time in limited numbers of copies, so when the stock of one game – marked on the promo page with a counter-runs out – another game is up.

Titles that will be available at some time during the Fall Insomnia Promo will include the new and old PC and Mac favorites like: System Shock 2, Fez, and Hotline Miami.

Gamers should watch out for deals on: Rayman Origins, the Baldur’s Gate saga, or Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

You should head over to the Fall Insomnia Promo page now.

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