League of Legends finals marred by connection issues, cheating

By Brenna Hillier, Sunday, 7 October 2012 23:23 GMT

League of Legends’ Season Two World Playoffs have been compromised by technical difficulties and accusations of cheating – and with $2 million on the line, tempers are high.

The final games of the World Playoffs have been postponed after technical issues interrupted a match between CLG and WE.

IGN reports the Internet connection at the Los Angeles venue failed completely, resulting in blank streams and idle competitors unable to connect to the game.

WE was offered a chance to continue on with the match but declined in favour of a full rematch; unfortunately, connectivity issues struck twice more, eventually forcing Riot to postpone the day’s remaining matches. A new schedule is yet to be posted.

Meanwhile, the venue caused another problem for the budding eSport; spectators and players took to the League of Legends forum to complain that a huge viewing screen enabled cheating. Several competitors were called out for taking a peek at their opponent’s stream to locate them via minimap; fans have provided what they claim is video evidence of this skullduggery taking place.

Riot’s official stance on the matter is that players are monitored by referees and video camera at all times and required to face forward during matches.

The Playoffs will continue over the coming week, culminating in a grand final on October 13.

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