Rumour – Dead Space 3 to feature drop-in co-op

By Brenna Hillier, Wednesday, 9 May 2012 06:57 GMT

Significant changes are afoot for Dead Space 3, if the latest rumours are to be believed, including a fully integrated co-operative multiplayer mode.

According to IGN‘s sources, the story of Dead Space 3 is near identical in single-player or co-operative mode, with the exception that there are two survivors of a crash which kicks off the adventure – Isaac and his companion. Players can solve puzzles and overcome obstacles together; share weapons and ammo; and heal each other – but cannot be revived. Failure sends you back to the last checkpoint.

With a friend by his side, Isaac still struggles with rumoured psychological fracturing, but won’t experience some of the more traumatic instances; it’s hard not to speculate that Isaac’s AI helpmate may well be imaginary, especially as the source claims co-op mode will be drop-in, drop-out compatible.

On the general gameplay side, the source claims Isaac can now crouch to take cover, and roll to evade attacks. Telekenisis allows players to rotate objects, and weapons have been overhauled with new alt fire modes; the Plasma Cutter has been seriously revised with a knockback effect on secondary fire, and the Pulse Rifle can fire saw-blades.

Isaac is said to encounter hostile human forces for the first time, and will have to contend with environmental hazards on the battlefield.

Among other details, IGN’s account of the game’s beginning on a “desolate snow planet” aligns with a earlier purported leaks.

EA confirmed the existence of Dead Space 3 in its recent financial briefing but gave no details.

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