El Shaddai ‘New Project 2012’ teaser site opens

By Alex Donaldson, Monday, 19 March 2012 07:32 GMT

Ignition have opened a teaser website titled ‘El Shaddai New Project 2012’ – hinting at a new development in the series.

The teaser site is pretty vague, showing some new artwork of five different characters in the background and big bold Japanese text asking “Who is the ultimate angel who God speaks of?”

Andriasang points out that fans may not want to get too excited, as the El Shaddai series has a lot of spin-offs including a concert series and its own brand of jeans – so it could be a tease for something not game related.

The previous game, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, was something of a cult hit in the West. Here’s hoping that this announcement is game related.

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