Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Inside Recon video details technology

By Stephany Nunneley
1 March 2012 18:50 GMT

Ubisoft has released a new video for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Part two of the Inside Recon video series, the video provides and even deeper look at the advanced tech the Ghosts will be using to accomplish their missions.

Here’s a break down of what you’ll see in the video, and remember, each one is based on real-world tech currently in the field or being tested by the military:

Cross Com – An innovative tool that serves as the hub for gathering and sharing information in the field.  Directly linked to the left-eye reticule, the Cross-Com and related AR elements are only visible through its HUD or ‘Heads Up Display’.

Optical Camo – The camo does not make the Ghosts fully invisible, instead, it reduces a soldier’s visual signature so they are more difficult to spot.

Drones (UAV and UCAV) – The basic Multi-Operational Drone is a low-IR signature Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV). Use it to identify enemy positions from on high, or to pinpoint and lock in targets. The UAV is your eyes in the sky. The next tier of unmanned air vehicle available to the Ghosts is the UCAV or Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle. These remotely piloted aircraft are capable of launching explosives and firing low-yield EMP missiles.

Drone Crawler – This Unmanned Air Vehicle is a multi-rotor low-IR-signature field recon asset. It is capable of identifying hostiles so Ghosts can target them in their Cross-Com Augmented Reality.

Warhound – This Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) is a self-mobile, multi-legged armored artillery delivery platform. Capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of punishment, the Warhound can also act as battlefield cover for the Ghosts.

Thrown Sensor – Carried on the soldier and thrown or placed on the battlefield, this sensor identifies hostiles and indicates their positions on the players Heads Up Display (HUD).

Magnetic View –  The system sends out a pulsed signal and measures the surrounding metallic resonance (from weapons, belt buckles, eyeglasses hinges, you name it).  Based on the collected data, the system analyzes the points of contact and uses sophisticated algorithms to fill in the gaps, recreating an image of what the data represents (an armed human, a bomb, land mines, etc).  This augmented reality image is projected onto the Ghosts’ Cross-Com Heads Up Displays.

EMP Grenade -Miniature Electro Magnetic Pulse weapons that will temporarily fry any electronics within their limited blast radius and leave enemy sensors blind and heads-up-displays disrupted.

Heartbeat Sensor – Specifically tuned to the frequency of a beating human heart, the device interacts with the players Augmented Reality to delivery visual representations of where the associated humans likely are. This piece of technology is weapon mounted and has a limited field range.

NVT – Providing a fused night vision and thermal view in a single specialized weapon optic, the NVT (Night Vision Thermal) scope also offers some magnification.

Backscatter Optic – The name of this optic refers to the reflected signal information that is collected and analyzed by its on-board computer. In short, it uses this data to provide the ability to see through most surfaces over a short distance.

OTR Scanner –  The ‘Opitcal Target Recognition’ Scanner simply projects intel related to enemies when the user is in scope view.

Stun Mine – Can be placed quickly and activates when an enemy passes in front of it. The charged projectiles stun all targets in an arch in front of the weapon up to a certain distance.

Exacto Rounds – Developed as a DARPA program, these bullets are self guiding and work with the Ghosts’ array of sensors to seek out the heads of enemies for targeting.

Decoy Grenades – Exploit weaknesses in enemy sensors, giving them a ‘false reading’ regarding the location of your team members.

Concept art and screens for the in-game tech are posted below the video.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will release on May 24 on PS3 and Xbox 360 and a multiplayer beta is expected in April. A PC version will be released at a later date.

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