GC08: Heavy Rain demo’ed at Sony conference, looks amazing

By Mike, Wednesday, 20 August 2008 16:48 GMT

Quantic Dream’s David Cage has just taken us through some amazing looking Heavy Rain gameplay at Leipzig.

First he announces that games are no longer for kids and teenagers,” saying that no guns, cars, interfaces, puzzles or enemies are in the game. It’s all about moral choices, contextual actions and decision making.

You, the player, are both writer and director.

We see a man standing in the rain and some kids playing outside a house. Then, we go inside and see a room with birds hanging from the ceiling and the sound of a woman’s voice speaking into a dictaphone: all very eeire.

We’re then taken inside a house where you’re being chased. All of a sudden the man in the rain attacks you and there’s some QTE’s to avoid being killed.

We are then taken outside again and the demo was over.

Game is to be released “next year.”

Read all the details of Sony’s announcements today here.

By Mike Bowden

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