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Peter Dille exits Sony

Long-serving marketing executive Peter Dille has bid Sony Computer Entertainment America adieu.


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  • Peter Dille exits Sony

    Long-serving marketing executive Peter Dille has bid Sony Computer Entertainment America adieu.

  • GT5 still on for pre-christmas release, says SCEA

    SCEA marketing exec Peter Dille has told Siliconera that Gran Turismo 5 is still on for a pre-christmas release.

  • Move sells 1 million in NA, production upped to meet demand

    Move sold over 1 million units in its first month on sale in North America, SCEA’s confirmed.

  • Analyst: Initial Move sales “OK…not spectacular”

    The scale of initial consumer uptake of PlayStation Move will be clearer at the end of the month with Sony promising to reveal more detail during a scheduled earnings report. Venturebeat reports Sony Computer Entertainment America marketing head Peter Dille hasn’t disclosed figures. Dille claims Sony is flying in replenishment shipments as “many retailers” have […]

  • Peter Dille says PSP marketing is focusing on a younger crowd

    Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing at SCEA, has said the marketing plan for PSP going forward will focus more on a younger audience.

  • Sony will never “out-spend” Microsoft in motion control marketing

    SCEA exec Peter Dille has said that as far as PR goes, his firm won’t “out-spend” Microsoft when the firms promote their upcoming motion controllers.

  • Sony: Arrogance from recent years “has now gone”

    Remember “RIIIIIIDGE Racer!” and “$599“? Those arrogant days are over, according to SCEA VP of Marketing, Peter Dille.

  • The core have “looked down their nose” at motion gaming, says Dille

    Peter Dille has revealed that Sony’s plan for Move is to offer a new and precise gaming experience to the hardcore and the casual alike, and that both ends of the gaming spectrum will benefit from it.

  • Dille: Sony’s more prominent in consumer’s “consideration zone” than ever

    Sony’s Peter Dille had revealed that thanks not only to the price-cut of PS3, but HD televisions, Blu-ray and the upcoming Move; Sony is now more prominent in the consumer’s “consideration zone” than ever before.

  • Peter Dille details how Sony plans on “redefining the digital living room”

    During today’s M16 Marketing Conference, Sony’s Peter Dille revealed that the company wants the public to see its products as more than just a way to game. Instead, he wants customers to think of PS3 as a way to “redefine” their digital living rooms.

  • Sony signs all six major movie studios for PSN HD films

    And we’re off. Sony just announced that 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures (dur), Universal and Warner Bros. are now all signed to delivery HD movies for the US PSN.

  • Global PS3 sales rise to 33.5 million, gap narrows on 360

    Sony’s 6.5 million PS3 unit sales in the Christmas quarter have taken the machine to a global total of 33.5 million consoles sold, now merely 5.5 million units behind Microsoft’s last announced global 360 figure of 39 million.

  • Sony looking for “the best way to approach” charging for PSN

    Sony’s Peter Dille has told IGN that the company’s “actively thinking” about charging customers for its PSN service. Furthermore, he also revealed that Sony plans to offer fewer titles via download only, partly to help out retail stores.

  • Sony “very confident” PS3 will beat 360 within 10-year “time-frame”

    SCEA’s Peter Dille’s claimed PS3 will beat 360 in terms of unit sales in the next 10 years.

  • Dille: Sony to reposition PS3 as “a total entertainment solution”

    Sony’s Peter Dille has said that the company is repositioning PS3 as the “total entertainment solution”. The massive ad campaigns rolling out in September will focus more on the Blu-ray, movie download capabilities, “mums and families,” and less on games. “We have been a game company for years and we would never walk away from […]

  • Sony unveils its “It Only Does Everything” campaign for PS3

    Peter Dille, senior president of marketing and PSN, has posted Sony’s new ad campaign for PS3 over on the US PS Blog. Called, “It Only Does Everything”, the new ads are a new campaign in which Sony “will have direct conversations with consumers about everything the PS3 can do”. From now through the holiday season, […]

  • Dille: PS3 motion wand is a “prototype”

    SCEA’s Peter Dille told Kotaku at E3 that, while he expects the press conference showing of the company’s PS3 motion tech to be indicative of the final product, what was shown is a “prototype”. “We’re announcing the technology, not the product or game,” he said. “He also wanted people to know the form factor of […]

  • Sony – Levels of PSP piracy are “sickening”

    SCEA’s Peter Dille has told Gamasutra the PSP’s got a big piracy problem. Like you didn’t know. “I’m convinced and we’re convinced that piracy has taken out a big chunk of our software sales on PSP,” Dille told Gamasutra. “It’s been a problem that the industry has to address together; it’s one that I think […]

  • PS3 has a higher attach rate than Xbox 360, says Sony

    Sony’s Peter Dille has claimed that PS3 has a higher attach rate than Xbox 360, Gamasutra reports. “If you factor in Xbox 360’s longer time in the marketplace and larger install base, Xbox 360 should be selling twice as many software units as PS3 if attach rates were equal — and that is just not […]

  • Dille: PS3 will be the “centerpiece of your entertainment for the next 10 years”

    More hardware hardman talk this morning from SCEA’s Peter Dille, this time claiming PS3′s the only machine on the market with the legs to run a ten-year lifespan, and will be the “centerpiece of your entertainment for the next 10 years.” You tell ‘em, Peter. “We also have to work hard to gain our consumers’ […]

  • Publishers pumped for PS3 says Sony VP

    SCEA VP Peter Dille reckons publishers are jumping up and down about the year ahead for PlayStation 3. “I would venture to say that certainly all the retail partners I met with and all the publishing partners were really fired up about the year ahead for PS3,” said Dille, speaking to GameDaily. “If you look […]

  • Sony: PSP is “separate business” to iPhone

    Given the fact there are over 30 million iPhone OS-based devises in the world, you’d think Sony might be worried about Apple unstoppable march into gaming would worry a company that makes something like PSP. SCEA’s Peter Dille doesn’t give a fig, apparently. “I think it’s a separate business,” the PSN marketing boss told GameDaily. […]

  • Sony US boss: Developers want PS3 to be free

    Peter Dille, SCEA’s senior marketing VP, has told Bloomberg that developers apparently want Sony to sell PS3 for “free”. “Everybody in the development community would love for the PS3 to be free, so they could just sell razor blades,” Dille said. He added that Sony is concerned with profitability as well as PS3′s installed base. […]

  • Sony belittles FFXIII move to 360

    Speaking to MTV at E3 last week, SCEA marketing exec Peter Dille played down Microsoft’s FFXIII 360 announcement, saying he thought the decision would bear little fruit for the console. “What you have with Final Fantasy XIII is a lot like what they’ve paid for with GTA,” he said. “It’s not an exclusive on their […]

  • GTA IV drove PS3 hardware sales, says Sony, Microsoft bites back

    Sony and Microsoft are already involved in a tussle over “who’s best” when it comes to GTA IV sales as related to their hardware, with Sony issuing a press release last night that said brand loyalty was driving PS3 sales. “Grand Theft Auto fans who love the game grew up on PlayStation and we believe […]

  • Dille outlines PSN’s 2008 in good detail

    In a US blog post, SCEA marketing boss Peter Dille has outlined what we can expect from Sony in terms of services for the coming year. A “big reason 2008 will be a great year for PS3 fans is due to the big things we have in store this year for the PlayStation Network,” he […]