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  • Fable MMO: Molyneux sheds light on Lionhead's brainstorming

    Fable as an MMO could do “reasonably well,” according to former Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux. The 22 Cans founder has shed light on the team’s brainstorming around the project while he was involved.

  • Lionhead Studios appoints John Needham as new boss

    Lionhead Studios has been angling for a new steward since Peter Molyneux left for the world of cubes and curiosity. John Needham has been selected as his successor as studio head.

  • Rag Doll Kung Fu reboot heading to iOS, summer release planned

    Rag Doll Kung Fu is being rebooted by former Fable developers under a new three-strong studio called Another Place Productions. The team is eyeing up an iOS release for the physics-based brawler this summer.

  • Lionhead developing Unreal Engine 4 project - rumour

    Fable developer Lionhead Studios has posted a job ad calling for applicants with Unreal Engine 4 experience.

  • Lionhead staffer was reprimanded for spilling details

    Gratuitous Space Battles developer Cliff Harris got in trouble with Lionhead when he shared information about upcoming games with fans.

  • Molyneux studios' lost projects revisited

    It’s not strictly news, but it will be new to many of you: Eurogamer has a bittersweet feature running on unreleased games from Peter Molyneux-headed teams Bullfrog Productions and Lionhead Studios. You probably remember Kinect experiment Milo and Kate, but check out lost treasures Creation, The Indestructibles, B.C. and Unity – then vow to buy […]

  • Lionhead confirms lay-offs, issues new statement

    Lionhead Studios has confirmed it is letting go of staff. The studio has issued a statement on the matter, stressing that this kind of action is normal after studios complete projects. Read it in full below.

  • Fable: The Journey doc asks players what they think of the game

    Fable: The Journey has received a new trailer from Lionhead Studios and Microsoft. The clip shows gamers flailing around, hurling magic about and voicing their opinions on the game itself. Check it out below, and be sure to check out our hands-on (or should that be off?) impressions of the game’s first three hours.

  • Fable The Journey interview: road trippin'

    Fable: The Journey is another chance for Microsoft to prove Kinect’s motion control chops. VG247’s Dave Cook speaks with Lionhead Studios to learn why this could be the game to do it.

  • Fable The Journey impressions: for every motion, a consequence

    Fable: The Journey is another chance for Microsoft to prove Kinect’s worth to the hardcore. VG247’s Dave Cook plays the first three hours and explains why swapping morality for motion isn’t all that bad.

  • Lionhead director says the studio is working on "something new and exciting"

    Gary Carr, the man who stepped into the clown-sized shoes of Peter Molyneux, has indicated Lionhead Studios is working on a brand new project.

  • Fable: The Journey demo out now on Xbox Live

    Fable: The Journey has received a demo today from developer Lionhead Studios. The latest addition to Microsoft’s Kinect arsenal is a different spin on the classic Fable formula, giving players a first-person perspective on Albion.

  • Fable: The Journey achievement list revealed

    Fable: The Journey’s achievement list has spilled out onto the net, courtesy of OXM. Marvel at the full list here, and beware of spoilers.

  • Lionhead devvoed by early response to Fable: The Journey

    Remember when Microsoft showed off Fable: The Journey and you wrote a scathing comment about it? Lionhead read that, and it made the team very sad.

  • Lionhead: Project Milo never really a game, but Fable: The Journey is

    In a revealing session at Develop in Brighton, Lionhead creative director Gary Carr revealed that the shelved Project Milo began well before Kinect arrived and was never really a game – but Fable: The Journey certainly is.

  • Amazon dates Fable: The Journey for October 9

    Online retail giant Amazon has slapped an October 9 release date on Lionhead’s Kinect exclusive Fable: The Journey. The adventure had previously been slotted only for the holiday season. The Journey puts players in charge of a horse and cart and has them traveling the highways ofAlbion aiding – or ignoring – those in need […]

  • Lionhead hiring multiplayer designer

    Guildford developer Lionhead Studios is looking to ramp up its multiplayer team with a new hire. Fable, the studio’s most well-known product, includes co-operative multiplayer elements, as does spin-off Fable Heroes, although the next release, Kinect exclusive Fable: The Journey, seems to be single-player only. Speculate at will. Thanks, Shack.

  • Video: 10 minutes of Fable Heroes in action

    Fable Heroes, the cute spin-off from Lionhead’s Albion fantasy series, can be seen in all its gameplay glory below the drop. It’s out on Thursday for 800 MSP as part of the 2012 Xbox Live Arcade Next Promotion. As the ever-useful Wikipedia tells us, “Fable Heroes is an ‘action-packed hack-and-slash adventure’ set in the Fable […]

  • Fable: The Journey gets box art

    Lionhead has revealed the box art for Fable: The Journey. The Kinect-only adventure will be out later this year.

  • Fable: Heroes may be the first of many spin-offs

    Fable Heroes is the first stand-alone title to emerge from Lionhead’s Creative Days – but probably not the last.

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