Play Star Citizen free through Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, 10 February 2016 02:22 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Star Citizen is free for several days, giving you a chance to make up your mind before it becomes more expensive.


Star Citizen is breaking into two games on Valentine’s Day. Once the split goes into effect, the sandbox game will be sold as Star Citizen, while the narrative-driven campaign will be sold as Squadron 42.

This doesn’t mean anything to those who’ve already bought Star Citizen (all backers with Squadron 42 access will still receive both games), but for newcomers it means ponying up more than if they’d picked the two games up as one package before the split occurs.

While Roberts Space Industries hasn’t completely finalised the pricing details, at present it aims to offer individual modules for $45. The other half of the game can then be purchased as an add-on for $15, bringing the total price to $50. Right now, you can grab both for $45.

It’s only a $5 discount, then, and you’d be forgiven for being unsure about buying in to an early access game – but there’s a handy solution. Right now Star Citizen is playable for free, and will remain free through February 14, when the split occurs.

Visit Roberts Space Industries for more information on the split and to register an account for the free fly period.