Restricted chat has increased win rate for a number of League of Legends players

Thursday, 24th July 2014 15:14 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Riot Games has issued temporary chat ban to some of its more vocally rude League of Legends players, and according to lead social systems designer Jeffrey Lin, the result has helped many increase their win rates.


Speaking on the forums, Lin said most players rarely use the chat function, opting instead for smart pings.

“We find that many players never chat at all and only use smart pings and perform pretty well,” Lin wrote. “For a large number of players, chat restrictions actually increases their win rates, because being verbally abusive to teammates tends to make the team’s performance spiral negatively.

“We have considered restricting players from playing Ranked if they currently have a penalty, [and we] should have more information about this in the future.”

Earlier this week, the League of Legends team started handing out two week band to players who exhibited toxicity, with the most extreme cased being permanently banned from the game.

Lin said at the time that should the initiative prove effective, Riot would start rolling it out more permanently; however, every permaban case would be reviewed.

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  1. Rosseu

    No shit. Only idiots think yelling at their teammates would make them play better. There shouldn’t even be chats in toxic moba games, especially LoL because its pinging system is smart. People only use the chat for blaming

    #1 5 months ago
  2. TheWulf


    I’m actually against chats at all. If you’re talking with a friend, you’re going to be doing it over Skype or Mumble (or similar), anyway, or not at all. You don’t need some stranger filling your lug-holes with homophobic, racist, sexist remarks in the most obnoxious way possible because they’re loud and proud.

    In a game that CAN invoke hostility, you want to give people tools to express themselves, but limit the hostilities. The best way to do this is to remove direct chat, but to provide a huge variety of emotes and text snippets to cover what you’d want to say that isn’t incredibly toxic and awful. Some games out there have done this exceedingly well. I tend to turn chat off in a lot of games, honestly, because of this.

    And as I said, if you’re gaming with friends, you’re going to have your own voice solutions anyway.

    I hate having no means of expressing myself, but given enough of a variety of emotes, it can become a fun way to explore language. When I was playing WoW to code addons for people and wallwalk (rather than playing the game, because the game was and is awful), I found the opposing faction more pleasant company than my own.

    Not hard to understand why, I’d hope.

    In ME3 multiplayer, for example, I’d love to see a range of tactical orders and praises presented as emotes, and having no further chat than that. I may actually join more public games if that happened, since it would create a much more tolerable environment.

    Honestly, stupidity is the problem. There are a lot of stupid people out there, and the only thing I have too much trouble tolerating are stupid people. Usually they’re of that group I dislike — extroverted, white, straight, healthy, cis-gendered men. In fact, it’s almost exclusively that group. There are poor examples from other groups, but they’re by far the worst.

    I much prefer gaming with women, honestly, because at least they know how to be polite.

    So, yeah. I’d go for emotes over an actual chat any day of the weak. Especially considering I have anxieties. So this is a ‘well duh’ thing, for me, because other people probably have anxieties, too. If you remove the thing that’s triggering their anxieties, then… well yeah, they’re going to play better. I mean, that’s kind of stating the obvious.

    #2 5 months ago
  3. ChristopherJack

    @TheWulf Depends on the stranger, I’d consider myself a fairly cynical person but being a long time LoL player, more players are willing to cooperate through chat than they are to spout nonsense.

    I’m more worried about the AFKers- someone being racist can still be useful but someone who ditched an entire team for whatever reason leaves them at a huge handicap & once the team loses, everyone on the AFKers team suffers the loss no matter how well they performed, particularly painful in ranked where it affects your ranking.

    #3 5 months ago

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