So now they’re making a Space Invaders movie

Monday, 21st July 2014 03:47 GMT By Brenna Hillier

There’s been a real rush of video game movie news lately, but this one kind of takes the cake.


Warner Bros. has acquired the movie rights to Space Invaders.

The news comes via The Wrap, which reports this is not just one of those classic Hollywood rights deals that never go anywhere; the studio has already signed on producers Akiva Goldsman, Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell of Weed Road and Safehouse Pictures.

Goldsman’s credits include I Am Legend, A Beautiful Mind and I, Robot. Harold is best known for Awake and Edge of Tomorrow, and is a frequent collaborator of Tunnell’s; they worked together on Awake and the upcoming King Arthur.

Weed Road and Safehouse Pictures vice president Matt Schwartz helped figure out who owned the rights to Taito’s classic 1980′s arcade game, apparently. Given the age of the property it’s likely this was a headache and a half.

It’s quite a collection of names to be backing a project based on such a difficult property; yes, Space Invaders is widely recognised, but it’s also about the dullest alien invasion ever. Great game, minimal narrative hooks.

This on top of the newly announced Thief movie and even the Uncharted film coming out of hibernation. What a time to be alive.

Thanks, Joystiq.



  1. Lightmanone

    You know it’s coming:

    I, Space Invaders
    I Am Base Belong To Us
    A Beautiful Blast
    and of course:
    Edge of No Tomorrow

    #1 5 months ago
  2. TheWulf


    Wasn’t Battleship bad enough?

    #2 5 months ago
  3. The_Red

    Battleship was not bad enough. That title is the trademarked property of Micheal Bay and his Insectformers.

    #3 5 months ago
  4. AmiralPatate

    This movie already exists. It’s called Independence Day. Or all the SF movies with aliens ever.
    Next they’ll buy the right to Pong and SpaceWar and claim they can make a movie out of it.

    #4 5 months ago
  5. alexn2000

    I already knew about this. I read a list of upcoming video game movies and this and pong are both on there.

    #5 5 months ago
  6. alexn2000

    @AmiralPatate Go to and search for 32 upcoming video game movies.

    #6 5 months ago

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