Watch Dogs patch might just make it as beautiful as you had expected

Thursday, 19th June 2014 00:42 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Watch Dogs is getting a major patch over the next few days, and it hits important notes such as hacking, corrupted saves, and most importantly: a lot of those graphics issues.


Watch Dogs players on PlayStation 3 and PS4 should already have the update, with the PC version launching soon and Xbox platforms to follow within a week, according to the Ubisoft forums.

There are a couple of major complaints about Watch Dogs that the patch notes suggest this update ought to address. A couple of mission-breaking bugs have been squashed, and the ability to hack has been restored – quite a major issue in a game about being a hacker.

The weapon wheel should no longer come up empty, and save files that get stuck at 90% due to corruption ought to be restored – although you may lose a few collectibles. In multiplayer, problems with connections and spawning have been given a going over.

That’s all well and good, but it’s the PC-specific section of the patch notes that is really interesting in light of a recent Watch Dogs fix unlocking improved graphical performance. Take a look – I’ve bolded the bits I think are most interested:


  • Fixed graphical glitches on Low & Medium settings.
  • Fixed some crashes on SLI configurations.
  • Implemented several performance improvements.
  • Implemented a few control improvements.
  • Fixed issues causing infinite messaging and timing-out when trying to access the Online Shop from the Extras Menu while Uplay is set to Offline mode.
  • Fixed issues connecting to a Multiplayer game.
  • Implemented several mouse modifications.
  • Fixed “Drinking Game” control issue where wrong information was displayed when played with a gamepad.
  • Fixed “Chess Game” control issue.
  • Fixed bug where the invasion setting was never saved.
  • Fixed graphical issues during cut scenes and cinematics.
  • Fixed several graphical and texture bugs.
  • Removed Vista OS check to prevent false positives.
  • Added game version in main menu.

That’s quite a few mentions of graphical improvements. Given that it’s become clear that Watch Dogs on PC is capable of better graphics, has Ubisoft re-enabled the gorgeous graphics it locked away for some reason?

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  1. runbmp

    you an I good sir have different definitions of graphical improvements and actual fixes.

    #1 6 months ago
  2. G-Sama

    ^ this.
    fixing graphical bugs is different than making the game look better

    #2 6 months ago
  3. Soong

    Those are bugfixes. It says it right there in the description of the patch notes. The source article you link to doesn’t mention anything about ‘improvements’. You just saw the word ‘graphics’ and pulled a click-bait headline out of your ass. Either that, or you really have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Move along people, nothing to see here.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. DoubleM

    Since when fixing graphic bugs (on Low and Medium) makes a game “Beautiful”?

    #4 6 months ago
  5. Xbone

    Why is it coming to sony’s consoles first? Is it cause they have an exclusive deal? Disgusting.

    #5 6 months ago
  6. Sethos

    Bugfixes. Like the SLI flashing. No graphical improvements.

    #6 6 months ago
  7. Legendaryboss

    @Xbone Unprecedented Relationship. In all seriousness Sony likely approved it earlier.

    #7 6 months ago
  8. lubu

    this happens when a console’s “professional” “journalist” (with opinion about anything) wants to cover a PC related news

    #8 6 months ago
  9. yeoung

    Bux fixes are technically improvements upon the currently presented graphics, though the term graphical improvements carries some connotations that are inescapable considering the source material and its PR/Marketing history.

    Providing (possibly deliberately) misleading information is not a gaming journalist’s job and at the very least constitutes an ethical faux pas. Integrity matters.

    To some.

    #9 6 months ago

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