Is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare coming to Wii U?

Monday, 2nd June 2014 08:46 GMT By Dave Cook

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is launching November 4 on various formats, and although Ghosts didn’t fare too well on Wii U, it seems Sledgehammer’s successor will release on Nintendo’s format, according to an E3 2014 listing.

It follows my list of things that need to be said, shown and made clear during the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare E3 2014 reveal in order for the sceptics to be swayed back into the fold.

As spotted on CODforum, Activision’s exhibitor list contains the following Advanced Warfare synopsis:


Note the mention of Wii U. It’s unclear if this is place-holder or an error, but we’ll update you once we hear more.

To be fair, more people have Wii U consoles now than when Ghosts launched, so this isn’t implausible.

Speaking of which, here’s my evolving list of the best Wii U games money can buy. Still think the machine is a joke? Check this out.

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  1. gomersoul

    I hope multiplats skip the Wii u, purely because it’s lack of power will be holding back the graphical development of games. Not to mention the whole ‘true next gen’ talk. If a game is possible on the Wii u then it is possible on the ps360. For the sake of devs pushing up the quality bar I am disappointed with the Wii u’s power

    #1 7 months ago
  2. dreamcastnews

    I hope it doesn’t skip the U. I bought both Black Ops II and Ghosts on Wii U and I’m not even a COD fan, I just quite enjoyed the single player story modes, graphically, I’m pretty sure I read the the Wii U version had a graphical advantage over the PS3 and X360 versions at the cost of frame rate.

    Perhaps the problem shouldn’t be that games are possible on Wii U / PS3 / 360 and then ported to PS4 / XBOne it’s more that the developers shouldn’t be so lazy to begin with and actually make the 1080p60 that everyone seems to want these days.

    #2 7 months ago
  3. ManuOtaku

    @gomersoul almost all the big AAA games did skip or are skiping the wiiu, and seeing the performance of those, it is not the wiiu the culprit for the known issues.
    Having Said that, i think power has not much to do with that for the scability ability of newer techs, some consoles games did had performance problems, while the pc counterpart didnt had any, and because devs most of the time go where the money is, and is easy to develop for, not only the power, also other factors as well. if it was power alone, all the games would only have been released on pc, skiping consoles altogether, power is a part of it but not the only reason and it might not be the most important one.

    #3 7 months ago

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