Dragon Age: Inquisition gets new Varric & Cassandra screens

Friday, 21st February 2014 10:39 GMT By Dave Cook

Dragon Age: Inquisition has received a new batch of screens, depicting returning characters Varric and Cassandra.

It follows 30-minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition footage. Check it out through the link.

The shots appeared on lead writer David Gaider’s blog.

On Cassandra he wrote, “Cassandra is a long-serving member of the Seekers of Truth. The quiet order both protects and polices the Chantry, and is granted ultimate authority in its investigations. Feared by everyone from the lowliest mage apprentice to the Templar leadership, all are subject to the righteous wrath of the Seekers. Their judgment is final.”

Check out the shots below and let us know what you think.

Via OXM.



  1. Darkfield

    I like the changes to Cassandra, she looks more seasoned and fierce as a leader than DA2.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. TheWulf

    I’m with #1, I couldn’t approve more of Cassandra if I wanted to. So that’s definitely a step in the right direction. Dragon Age II I could just barely tolerate (but never finished), unlike Origins. And this seems like they’re going in the right direction after II.

    I know a lot of people might disagree about Origins, but hey, I have two words for them: Dwarf tunnels. Rarely had I ever seen padding so repetitive and forcefully exploitative. It was ridiculous.

    Game is X long! What we won’t tell you is that most of it will be spent in the farkin’ dwarf tunnels.


    I hated Origins.

    But yes, II was approaching on tolerable. Maybe the third time is the charm, and I’ll finally take to this series.

    #2 10 months ago
  3. gyactive The

    @Darkfield I 2nd that shes looking nice!

    #3 10 months ago
  4. ChandlerL

    @1, @2 for those of you who didn’t like DA2′s changes over DA1, one of the lead devs, David Gaider, had this to say re: the changes to the dialogue wheel:

    “What is the same about Inquisition’s writing style, compared to DA2:

    Dialogue options are picked from paraphrases, off a wheel interface.
    The player character is voiced, and dialogue is written with that in mind.

    What is new:

    No dominant tone. Meaning your most-selected tone does not carry through to influence other lines outside of the conversation in which you selected it. In DA2, dominant tone changed the actual line the PC spoke when action choices were made as well as those spoken inside of cutscenes (“auto-dialogue”, as people like to refer to it here). In Inquisition, those are all relayed in neutral tone.

    A question is often asked of how much “auto-dialogue” will exist in comparison to, say, Mass Effect 3. The answer is that the amount will be less than DA2 (and it is always neutral-toned, as mentioned above). This is generally just used in situations where the PC is saying something innocuous (“Go on” or “What is that?” …things that don’t really call for a wheel).

    Addition of a “reaction wheel” (on top of the “tone wheel”, which is for flavor responses, and the “action wheel”, which is for places where the player is decided to do something), which allows for emotional responses to important events. The player always has the Stoic option (essentially the neutral response), or will have options such as Sad, Confused, Enraged, Surprised, etc.

    Dialogue options on an action wheel now sometimes display a pop-up if the option is hovered over long enough, elaborating on what that action is intended to do. This only applies to actions where elaboration is felt necessary. It does not display the actual line which will be spoken by the PC.

    The three major tones are now Noble/Clever/Direct (as opposed to Diplomatic/Humorous/Aggressive). These are primarily internal designations which affect how we write those tones, the idea being to reign in the difference a bit between the three. There are no longer alternate tone variants (which in DA2 were Helpful/Charming/Direct), as I don’t think we communicated very well what those meant anyhow.

    Similar to how the Investigate option off any wheel “breaks out” into a sub-wheel for questions (if there is more than one question), there can be a Special option off any wheel which breaks out in the same manner. This is where we put conditional things, such as dialogue options that depend on having a particular party member, being a particular race/class, romance options, having made certain choices previously, etc…and thus allows us to add as many of these to a wheel as we like without breaking the interface structure. Some of these now “grey out” if you don’t have the requirement, meaning you can see an option you might have had, but currently cannot take.”

    #4 10 months ago
  5. fearmonkey

    I loved Varric as a character, so I am glad he is back.

    My biggest gripe with DA2 was it’s magic combat, I played a mage in origins and I felt powerful and had big bad spells that did damage over time in large fights. In DA2, I felt I was playing Fable’s combat, it didnt feel at all like Origins did. I hope they have made some changes to that combat style, it wasnt near as good as the original game.

    #5 10 months ago
  6. ddtd

    @TheWulf “I know a lot of people might disagree about Origins, but hey, I have two words for them: Dwarf tunnels. Rarely had I ever seen padding so repetitive and forcefully exploitative. It was ridiculous.”

    You must not of played much of DAII because they only had a handful of dungeons that they reused over and over again. :)

    @ChandlerL Too bad about the dominant tone. It was a great idea. Not only did you get to choose the dialog but you also got to build a personality for the character.

    I have a feeling that this neutral tone will lead to more wooden voice acting, not unlike Shepard’s flat, emotionless tone in the ME series.

    Seriously, he/she was a dullard. At least Hawke had a personality. Mine was snarky.

    #6 10 months ago
  7. ChandlerL

    @ddtd I’m with ya on that one. I enjoyed the Dominant tone as well. In addition I liked the “autodialogue.” To me, it was more cinematic and natural. Hopefully, it’s removal won’t result in a lack of emotional connectivity as you drill down into conversations.

    #7 10 months ago
  8. john gault

    I love the updated graphics and can’t wait till Inquisition is released. I’m curious about Varrick. he is shown without his beloved crossbow Bianca and his glorious chest hair. The game will not be official until those are revealed.

    #8 10 months ago

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