Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag’s new screens show shooting, sword-play and stealth

Monday, 30th September 2013 17:04 GMT By Dave Cook

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag has received a new batch of screens, courtesy of Ubisoft Montreal. They show Kenway and chums raising bloody hell across the Caribbean like the scurvy scallywags they are.

If you want even more pirate banter, check out Stace’s fresh hands-on with AC4, along with some really odd modern day content that had him mighty confused.

Here are the pics:



  1. powerbuoy

    Screenshots? Looks more like illustrations to me.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. CycloneFox

    Thats the thing, I hate about American character design:
    The woman on picture #12 looks like a man with long hair and boobs.
    I don’t have anything against transsexuals, but “her” face just has less scars and crincles. The eyes, the chin and the whole faceial structure is very manly. A soft type, yes, but a man, who dresses like a woman.
    If it’s on purpose, then thats a pretty awesome character design.
    Edit: I just watched the trailer and he has a very female voice…

    @1: Yes, they are bullshots at best.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. TheWulf

    Eh. If they look like illustrations, then it’s not by a very talented artist. The only reason marginal desaturation is used in a picture is to add depth, but absolutely everything is desaturated in those pictures.

    I’m glad that there are mutants in the mainstream who aren’t afraid of colours, like TT Games and Volition, as their games are a joy to look at. But if you take a sampling of the mainstream, you’d find that this kind of desaturation is common, and it hurts the experience. TitanFall does it as well, and it hurts the visuals there, too.

    The thing is, #2, is that this is what mainstream audiences like. This is what the mainstream perceives as the reality around them, as depressing as that is. Living in Wales, if I step outside, there’s plenty of colour all around me. Whether it’s the natural world that we’ve managed to preserve here, or the fact that the council seems to love to paint everything TARDIS blue, it’s definitely very vibrant.

    These pictures remind me of a very rainy day, one where the sun is setting and the ambient light isn’t as prevalent as on a normal day. So everything does look a little more washed out. Fog can also help with that. Though this doesn’t have fog or rain, it’s a Mediterranean setting, so it should be really colourful. Look at this, and this. As I said, vibrant. Now compare it with this, and this.

    The difference is so painfully obvious.

    I don’t understand it, sometimes, because this level of bad, colourphobic art seems to permeate the mainstream as a whole. I don’t think their eyes are busted at all, honestly, I just think they do this because they believe their audience expects less colourful looking games. It’s apparent that they believe that their audience is so lacking in worldliness that they’ve never actually seen a tropical place before, not even on their telly.

    So I agree with you about the art. There are many things wrong with the mainstream today when it comes to art in games, really. Thankfully there are some mutants who realise just how annoying this desaturation is, which is why pretty much every TT Game is a real marvel. Heh.

    Really though, I don’t get this obsession with desaturation, it reminds me of similar obsessions that the mainstream holds to heart — reality, contemporary/historical, boring. Then again, seeing how people freaked out over Saints Row IV being about superheroes rather than contemporary gang culture, maybe they’re right?

    Honestly, on the Steam forums, there were genuinely people saying things like “Wut? Ya can’t go from being a gang game to a game about aliens, super powers, robots ‘n junk because that’s not what I want. Prior Saints Row games were gang culture games, so this one has to be, too!

    That was genuinely depressing.

    Sigh. Mainstream. What can you do?

    It seems like the original and clever is genuinely hated by the mainstream, too unfamiliar, and it takes them out of their comfort zones. So yeah, I’m not surprised, honestly. And all I’m doing here is explaining why you and I see what we see. The thing is is that Ubisoft sees it too, they know all about this. They also know that if they changed it, though, and made it colourful and gave the women proper proportions, the mainstream gaming audience would flip a shit.

    It’s just playing up to the mainstream audience’s preconceived notions of reality. The mainstream believes reality looks like X, so they make X as a product for the mainstream. That’s very typical. It’s just an artificially created product made to look exactly like how the mainstream believe it should look.

    It’s similar to… oh, how should I explain this? You know how perfume bottles and shampoo bottles have certain shapes and that those shapes are ubiquitous? That’s because as a product, if it didn’t look like a shampoo bottle, someone would buy a brand that did. It’s all about marketing and branding. It’s all about products.

    If they added more colour, colour enough to match reality itself, then you’d have people in the mainstream complaining about how it’s a game for kids because it’s more colourful than the rest of their library.

    C’est la vie.

    At least we have indies and the odd mutant mainstream developer who don’t buy into this.

    #3 1 year ago

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