Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter closes on $1.8 million

Monday, 30 April 2012 06:44 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Over the weekend, Harebrained Schemes celebrated the end of its Kickstarter funding period for Shadowrun Returns, netting more than four a half times its initial goal.

Having asked for just $400,000, Harebrained Schemes won over $1.8 million in funding from more than 36,000 backers.

The minimum reward pledge of $15 proved most popular with 15,502 backers, but higher tiers proved unusually popular, too, with 4,247 pledges in the $125 category. Three backers took the developer up on its $10,000 offer, resulting in an average pledge of just over $50 per person.

In addition, Harebrained Schemes received a number of pledges through other avenues from those who can’t (or choose not to) use Kickstarter’s Amazon payments system, for a final total of $1,895,772.

In the celebratory video below, Harebrained Schemes invites fan and backers to continue their involvement in the project at

Shadowrun Returns is expected on PC, Mac and Linux in early 2013.