PSA: Origin update required for Battlefield 3

Tuesday, 25th October 2011 02:54 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Battlefield 3 PC version requires the most up-to-date version of EA’s digital distribution and management suite, Origin. If you’re wanting to have a crack at the shooter ASAP, you’ll want to update your client in advance.

Battlefield 3 unlocks at midnight for US residents, while Europeans and Australians have a few days left to wait.

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  1. ultramega

    I’ve already had it all day today. Pretty simple with how Origin’s date checking system works. Download an IP spoofer, change your IP’s country to Indonesia, and then change your system clock to (UTC-12:00) International Date Line West. Done and done.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. freedoms_stain

    One of the main things that screams Origins inferiority to Steam for me is their update process.

    Compared to Steam it’s antiquated and slow. You start Steam, the client updates with no further user input. You start Origin and it’s like a 1st time software install, click, confirm, click next next next next finish, oh what’s that you’ve auto-checked “Start when Window Starts” even though I have purposely unchecked that option every single one of the half dozen times this POS software has updated since its launch? Oh, and of course I want to launch the freakin program once finished why is that even there? I wouldn’t have started the program if I didn’t want to run it, would I?

    Fix it or get out of the game.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. blackdreamhunk

    Games giant wants to spy on customers

    Electronic Arts
    Games giant wants to spy on customers

    By Konrad Lischka
    Battlefield 3: Großer Krieg

    Can be supplied but a spy software spy on the group of buyers – the game maker Electronic Arts wants to “Battlefield 3″ a bestseller land. Gamers and lawyers are outraged privacy advocates identify.

    The game maker Electronic Arts (EA) is not a loss for big words: The new “Battlefield 3″ will “revolutionize combat simulations” of the genre, stands on the site for the new game. The title should be a bestseller. War-Shooter includes each year’s most successful titles, 2010 sold Acitivsions “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” more than 25 million times, and this year wants to EA with its heavily advertised competition “Battlefield 3″ part of the pie.

    An important information for “Battlefield 3″ trumpeted the party but not quite so out loud. At the bottom of a page of information about the game you can read, for “Battlefield 3″ on the PC you need the “latest version of Origin.” And what does it actually add to this program is all about, is at a different location, the license agreement for this program.

    EA admits it is a far-reaching rights to monitor the computers of its customers and to exploit this information. The main points of the license agreement :

    By installing the Origin software, the User agrees that the application “can automatically check licensing rights for some or all EA products, without separately notify you about it.”
    Also provide for the conditions that EA may use information about using software “computer hardware, media, software”, “use the application” in order “to examine and license rights to update the application.”
    EA allows and “partners” – who they are will not run – the “gathering, use, store and transmit technical and related information” of the monitored computers. Specifically, this will include: IP addresses, usage data, software, equipment, software usage and existing hardware peripherals. The EA may use information according to terms of use and “marketing purposes”.

    EA wants to personal data

    In plain language this means: Who wants to play “Battlefield 3″ on a PC, install a monitoring program. The license agreement for this program is that EA and unspecified partners, information about the use of computers and equipment to collect the customer. EA may also use this data along with unspecified “personal” data for marketing campaigns. Who does not want the EA advises: “Install or use the application please do not.”

    Lawyers see violations of these provisions in German law. The attorney Thomas Schwenke is a comprehensive analysis for the magazine ” Game Star “on the results:

    “The TOS and the EULA of Origin as well as the privacy policies of EA included extensive violations of consumer and privacy rights. EA takes over the terms of use out of the right to introduce a comprehensive copy protection that is in effect a spyware equal . ”

    Thomas Hoeren, judge and professor of Information, Telecommunication and Media Law in Muenster, shares this assessment: “These terms of use null and void,” he told SPIEGEL ONLINE. That this case involved a one-to-one translation of the relevant documents from the United States. Hear: “This is an outrage.”

    Privacy advocates alarmed

    Hear the baffled attempt to set licensing agreement German law repealed: “A company can not cut short by contract with the customer laws that apply in the State in which the customers live.”

    Electronic Arts declined to comment on to SPIEGEL ONLINE about the matter.

    But the company will probably soon have to deal with these details. The State Commissioner for Data Protection in North Rhine-Westphalia is concerned with the case. His spokeswoman Bettina Gayk tells you start from a jurisdiction, as the German headquarters in Cologne is from EA.

    In the coming week, the EA data protection in the first step will be to present a comprehensive questionnaire about which data will be processed and for what purpose and where. After all, the spokeswoman said: “This information is not seen for ourselves as specialists from the terms of use and privacy policy of the party.”

    What information about your computer use the monitored customer stores where EA is unclear, in fact. In the privacy policy explains EA, you’re a global company. Most of the computer systems were in the United States. You may collect and use customer data but also “in Asia and / or the European Union.”

    What the customer can do about these conditions? Hoeren lawyer says: “For customers, the sanctions are not great.” The lawyer advises people who Verbraucherzentralen to point to these Terms. These companies sometimes warn off because of flagrant violations.

    In ” Gamestar “forum, the majority of commentators criticized the coercive control:” And I’m idiot I bought yesterday BF3, “complains one user. Another jokes, “With 50 € is the spyware that you installed, but not so expensive.” About the contempt of customers shows a surprising author: “Strange that the game companies invest so much in a game, to bring it to the / the man / woman, but then regulate access by deterrent software like Origin.”

    According to many user comments on the Amazon page for the PC version of the soccer game “FIFA 12″ is mandatory even in this EA titles to install the monitoring software Origin.

    #3 3 years ago

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