IMMvp vs Nestea in $50k in Blizzcon Invitational

Monday, 24th October 2011 05:47 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Long time Starcraft rivals Nestea and IMMvp faced off over the weekend in the Blizzard Invitational. Full match in video form through the break.

The 40 minute match is embedded below; don’t scroll past it if you don’t want the results spoiled.

An addendum to Starcraft’s regular leagues, the Blizzard Invitational carried a cool $50,000 prize.

IMMvp had been knocked out of the Global Starcraft League finals with a thorough upset win going to SlayrS_MMA, but returned in strong form for the Invitational. Rival Nestea had a grudge to settle but couldn’t muster a defence keen enough to keep IMMvp at bay.

Blizzard will host videos of all matches from Blizzcon until November 20; you can also go straight to the results for Starcraft II and World of Warcraft.

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  1. Talkar

    MVP really deserved to win after being so unlucky in GSL imo. The grand finals were absolutely amazing to watch, exciting from start to finish. They were almost as good as the GSL finals!

    #1 3 years ago

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