id: DOOM 4 will be “awesome”

Monday, 10th May 2010 09:00 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Rage is “awesome” – we can verify that for you right now. But what’s the next big “awesome” thing from id Software? DOOM 4, innit.

“It’s gonna be cool. It’s gonna be awesome,” the firm’s creative director Tim Willits told X360A at a Bethesda press event recently.

“Hopefully, it’ll be even more awesome than Rage. For us as a company, every game needs to be better than the last. I truly believe that Rage is the best game we’ve ever made. When we made Doom 3 I said, Doom 3 is the best game we’ve ever made and Rage will be better.

“Hopefully. Doom 4 needs to be even more awesome than Rage.”

On Friday, Bethesda’s Pete Hines said it was D4 and Rage that will show id’s “true potential”.

News on the game, however, is being kept mum until Quakecon in August. But in the meantime, it’s working on the post-apocalyptic FPS. And it looks so “awesome”. Get our interview with Willits from the European Bethesda pre-E3 press event here.

Rage releases next year on PC, 360, Mac and PS3.



  1. Isuru86

    Can I has Game Now ???

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Anders

    I hope he’s right.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. soqquatto

    I’m still waiting for the day someone will say “our next game is going to be a total waste of your time”

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Blerk

    Reverse-psychology marketing! Brilliant!

    “Man, our next game is SHIT! Really, don’t get it. It’s rubbish. You’ll hate it.”

    #4 5 years ago
  5. mington

    Wont we all be sick and tired of generic fps in 3 years time? I’m not saying doom 4 going to be generic, but it wont be a killer app if they follow the normal doom formula. i think they’ll stuff it full of gimmicky stuff like switching to a alternate demon universe on the fly n shit

    I’d be shitting myself if i had to work on doom 4, they’ll be competing against crysis 3 and Modern warefare 25

    #5 5 years ago
  6. Patrick Garratt

    This sort of headline makes me proud of what we’ve built.

    #6 5 years ago
  7. Erthazus

    I want to see a PC version. Thats it. It’s going to be awesome.
    I don’t understand playing ID Games on consoles. The biggest stuff with their games are physics, graphics with great old school fast paced shooter mechanics.

    @5 If they are not going to follow Doom formula then it’s going to be a FAIL. True Doom fans expect only that gameplay and ID won’t change it never.
    I’m sick of stupid Killzones with Gears Of wars where you need to hide and do some shit behind walls. No thank you, enough of that Casual bullshit.

    #7 5 years ago
  8. Blerk

    You prefer to do shit in the open? :-D

    #8 5 years ago
  9. Benjo1981

    I’ll do shit anywhichwhere.

    #9 5 years ago
  10. mington

    Doom 4 will have a new type of grenade ‘the poo stick’, you shit in the open, poke it with a stick then throw said stick. The enemy will pick up the stick to throw it back only to discover he is touching poo……and kills himself (or else it wouldn’t be a very good grenade would it, maybe the enemy’s are like super clean freaks or something)

    #10 5 years ago
  11. Benjo1981


    Or maybe they just LOVE shit. Player does a dump in the middle of the arena; enemies come running; find a grenade stashed in the middle of the dump: Shit Bomb.

    Epic Win.

    #11 5 years ago
  12. Erthazus

    @8 :D YES, it’s kinda better to do in the open :D

    Like Valve and ID Software with their games. They both know the right fast paced or slow paced oldschool FPS formula. ID of course in past years made sucky products with shiny graphics. But now, i hope they learnt their mistakes.

    #12 5 years ago
  13. Whizzo

    Weapons with lights this time please id.

    #13 5 years ago
  14. Elven_Star

    A developer saying its game will be “awesome”, wow I’m stunned. Gonna buy this day 1 blablablablabla. Seriously, people.

    #14 5 years ago
  15. onlineatron


    I think you’ve got your information mixed with something else.

    I heard the new weapon in Doom 4 is a ‘Monster Closet’. It’s a literal closet that you turn on enemies and fire out devil spawn at unsuspecting moments.

    It’s irony at it’s finest.

    #15 5 years ago
  16. AHA-Lambda

    they said doom 3 would be awesome…it wasn’t. Can’t say I overly care about doom 4 at this point at all =/

    #16 5 years ago
  17. blackdreamhunk

    I am willing to bet money this game will be dumb down junk……id software has lost it’s mojo along time ago.

    #17 5 years ago
  18. MushroomStamp

    Hopefully he defines awesome by the ability to use a flashlight and gun simultaneously.

    #18 5 years ago
  19. xino

    after playing GOW3, I’m expecting d00m 4′s graphics to blow it away!

    #19 5 years ago
  20. manamana

    I’m sick of all that awesome, bigger, badasshietz talking! Get the game tight and gamers will buy it! If not you’ll lose credibility since gamers have an almost perfect memory(if enough RAMs available).

    #20 5 years ago

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