Remedy: Alan Wake “tried out sandbox elements” during development

Wednesday, 17th February 2010 08:04 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Alan Wake was a sandbox game before going on a more linear route, writer Sam Lake has revealed.

He also revealed to CVG that developer Remedy “tried new things” during the several year period the thriller was in development.

We were constantly trying different gameplay elements to see which would end up in the game and which would work well together,” said Lake.

For example, early on we tried out sandbox elements. With them we were constantly running into situations where we had to [endure] big compromises in our thriller pacing and our thriller storytelling. At the end of they day we decided it wasn’t worth it. We wanted to do a story-driven game – that’s what we feel Remedy games are supposed to be.”

The game was finally dated last week for the US and UK for May 18 and May 21 respectively for Xbox 360.

No PC version, though. At all. Never again.



  1. BULArmy

    Tried do they think that all gamers are idiots?! In the begining the game was announced as a sandbox game and there was many tech clips that showed that and explained this will be unique experience and how whis will push the technology in gaming and PC gaming. There was 2 or 3 tech demos running on Intel procesors. Then happend this – no PC version and no push for the technology…

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Bulk Slash

    I don’t think this is some secret conspiracy because it’s not on the PC any more. It’s more likely that Remedy has no in-house experience building a sandbox engine and they abandoned it when they couldn’t get the engine working.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Gheritt White

    It sounds like more of a design decision rather than a technical decision to me.

    #3 5 years ago
  4. itsucks

    BULArmy and Bulk Slash can go and eat a Dick.

    Remedy has no experience doing narrative type of games in a Sandbox world normally populated by lots of NPCs, side-quest and stuff.

    In the early days, they showed the power of quad-cores to run on the fly vast countrysides without the need of loadings. What does that shit has to do with sandbox? The only real gameplay they showed of the game that time was a linear sequence of a garage to show of light effects and the gas station being sucked by a tornado, and guess what you dumb fucks, the tornado is still there, Ha ha.

    The Tech is pretty much sanbox in the visual department, just like crysis or halo is, where you can show off pretty much fade-outs till the sky and see all the terrain in front of your eyes, how would they do that birds-eye view of Bright falls they do in the trailers, if not? only if that isn’t realtime wich I doubt.
    Now on the normal gameplay side, remedy just went to do what they do best, Max Payne type of gameplay on a more open enviremont.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. OlderGamer


    So many offers in there to pick up the gauntlet and begin fighting with you, and over something fairly stupid at that, that I can’t help but wonder…don’t you have anything better to do?

    I do like one thing tho:

    “doing narrative type of games”

    Narrative games. I like it. Describes the idea of leading the player around the game and telling them a story, rather then allowing the player to develop and experience their own story as they play.

    Final Fantasy vs Fallout3.
    Narritive vs Fun.

    #5 5 years ago
  6. endgame

    omg pc gamers!! wth r we going to do now!? what r we going to play!? the industry has forgotten us! nooooooooo!! lol!

    #6 5 years ago

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