Gameplay demo of Heavy Rain is released

Monday, 19th October 2009 11:29 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Heavy Rain Logo

SCEJ’s sent out a gameplay presentation of Heavy Rain. Find it over at EG.

In it, it shows Quantic Dream CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere playing through two scenes from the game.

VO’s are in Japanese, but there are English subs.

Looks brillant, as always. Game’s out in 2010 for the PS3.



  1. SunKing

    At first I thought to myself, “Wow, exciting”, in the most sarcastic tone possible while watching this video, but now I think that this is one of those games where the quality of the product is so reliant on the sum of its parts, rather than individual elements, that no gameplay video will ever be truly representitive of the full game.

    For all likelyhood that the game won’t live up to expectations and will fall flat on its face, there’s the chance it could be something special. Benefit of the doubt: given.

    #1 5 years ago

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