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What are you playing this weekend?

It's the weekend. Huzzah!

It's finally the weekend and that means you have nothing more important to do than play some games and enjoy doing nothing else.

At least, we don't plan on doing much else. Sure, we play games all week long for work, but sometimes this means we aren't playing what we really want to be playing at the time, and then it gets late, and we're tired, so we have to put off playing something else.

Thankfully, the weekends are the cure, and this is what we plan on getting up to over the next couple of days:

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Connor Makar, Staff Writer - A Battle Royale weekend

This weekend, it's all about battle royales for me.

I was planning on booting up a whole bunch just to make sure I'm totally caught up and knowledgeable about the state they are in. I'm particularly hype for some of the less popular ones that have maybe fallen under the radar in recent months.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is one I'm especially keen on diving back into.

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James Billcliffe, Guides Editor - Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

I'm on holiday this week, so what better time to start yet another 100-hour RPG that I will never finish?

Loaded up on my Switch Lite (alongside no less than 3 main series Pokemon games for some reason) is Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD.

I have a bit of a weird relationship with Final Fantasy, seeing as I love the worlds and the aesthetic, but have never really finished more than a couple. The one I did manage to get through (and really, really enjoyed) was Final Fantasy 15, which seems to be a real marmite entry to the series, so we'll have to see how I get on with a more revered part of the pantheon.

I've always felt these massive RPGs play great on handhelds where you can dip in and out, so who knows, I might even see the midpoint before it goes back in the drawer.

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Kelsey Raynor, Guides Writer - Celeste

I got to dive into video game soundtracks this week, and it's made me want to revisit a few games this week. Namely, Celeste.

I think I ended up listening to the soundtrack during most of my work this week, and I never spent as much time playing the game as I'd of liked back when I bought it for my Switch months ago. So, it feels wrong to not spend some more time with it.

Aside from that, I plan to eat a lot of chicken gyozas.

So, that's us. What are your plans this weekend? Plan on humiliating your pets like I did with Tess many moons ago? I hope not. As you see by her expression, she didn't care for it too much. That, or she preferred Xbox instead of PlayStation.

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