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Wasteland 2 guide: save Highpool from the Wreckers

Journey to Highpool to save a town and get the radio tower back online.

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Wasteland 2 guide: save Highpool from the Wreckers

Note: This section covers Highpool if you chose to save it before you saved the AG Center. If you choose to go to AG Center first, you can view that walkthrough here.

The mission goal here is to attach a Repeater Unit to the radio tower in Highpool.

Highpool Exterior

When you arrive at Highpool go north and take cover behind the knackered car. You'll have quite a battle with enemies here so when you're in cover get your most powerful weapon trained on the Wreckers and take the first shot.

Once they are dealt with go around the front of the building and fight another large group of Wreckers in the alleyway. Now go to the house with the half open doors and talk to the woman. Follow the layout of the house and meet Pry Bar, a bandit. You can either let him have his loot, disappointing the woman, or be nasty (or use Hard Ass skill). We chose to be nasty. Once you've cleared the safe room, you can loot it or leave it be for the woman. Either way, take the crate from the table in the first room and go back outside.

Northwest of the house you'll find a group of Wreckers with a mortar. Fight them, then use the Demolition skill to reorient it and fire it on more wreckers. Ignore the middle path for now and go the gate, which you'll need to check for traps. Unlock it and enter the area for boxes of loot. Now go back to the middle path and the burning cars.

Go up the center path and through the small pass in the rocks to the left near the first guard tower. There's a chap in front of an RV, and if you chat with him he'll ask you to deliver a note to his soul mate in Highpool. Accept the quest but understand you will need to have the Animal Whisperer skill.

Move around the old guard tower and engage in another fight between townies and Wreckers. Go up the path and you'll discover that the Wreckers and their leader, Jackhammer, are trying to destroy the irrigation system. Clear the area of baddies and use the control panel to gain access to Highpool.

Inside Highpool

Find Sean Bergin and ask him about the irrigation system, the Wreckers and the radio. To get it fixed you'll need to talk to Kate Preston in the tunnels beneath the reservoir to get it fixed.

Side Quest: Save the Burning House

As you enter Highpool a resident will ask if you can help him save his burning house. Luckily there's an overflow pipe right next to it, so grab the valve on the right, reattach it to the main control in the center of town, get a character with Mechanical Repair skill to work on it, then turn the valve and save the burning house. Easy.

Side Quest: Deliver Note to Alexey’s Soul Mate

Remember, you’ll need the Animal Whisperer skill to complete this.

In the center of town is a woman locked in a cage, surrounded by juveniles and a dog. Talk to the dog, deliver the note and you'll be asked to take a rock back to Alexey. It's worth doing that now as you'll then gain access to his stash of items for sale.

Side Quest: Get Rid of the Juvies Pestering Vulture’s Cry

The woman in the cage will tell you her services could be useful but you'll need to get rid of the kids first. You need a packet of cigarettes which you can buy from the merchant near the town hall if you don't already have some. Trade them with one of the juvies.

Now before you talk to the woman again go back to Sean Bergin and take the Prisoner conversation cue. you need a Hard Ass level of 4 and Kiss Ass level 2 to get Vulture's Cry out of prison. You can break her out if you want, but the townsfolk will act differently around you. If Sean gives you the key, free her and let her join your team.

Side Quest: Help Kate Preston – Get Radio Tower Back Online

Go west of the cage and enter the tunnels, where you'll find Kate Preston. You need to turn on 4 valves to get the water running again. Part of this quest can be tricky. You need one party member in the main room to turn on lights and open the door because you can't have them all open at once.

Turn switch 2 and go down the center tunnel turning right at the junction. follow it round the corner until you come to door 5. press the switch to open the first valve room, kill the enemies and interact with the valve.

Now have your person in the main room close down number 2 and open the number 9 switch. Go down the western corridor and around the next corner to enter sector 9, killing the enemies in here. Activate the valve release and have your person in the main room close sector 5 and open sector 8.

Now send your group through the eastern corridor and into sector 8. Go north when you enter and follow the corridor to sector 10. Now deactivate the power in sector 9, activating it in sector 10 so as your team can get inside. Unfortunately the valve is rusted so you need to go back to sector 2 to get a new one. Go back to sector 9, change the power settings, until the group is back in sector 2. What a drag.

The storage room is just past the center corridor. Get the valve and go back to sector 10 to hit the release. You're nearly done.

The last valve is in sector 4 but the more direct route is blocked by debris. Instead, go back through sector 8, into sector 6, and then sector 3 to end up in sector 4. Phew.

While in sector 6 you should come across the generator for the radio tower. Get it up and running while you're here, although you'll have to fight a bunch of enemies before you can trip the breaker and activate the switch. At this point you can leave and forget about the rest of the water valves, but it's worth finishing the job properly.

Go to sector 3 and change the power as you need it. head east to the corridor up to sector 4 and activate the last valve. Now go back to the control room, interact with the final valve and the quest is complete.

AG Center – After Highpool

Entering the AG Center after Highpool you'll meet Kathy Lawson, strung up in vines. The AG Center can't be saved. Keep going forward but be careful of the pods, which need to be destroyed. If you're not careful they will infect you with a virus and you'll need to use Kathy's serum.

Inside the Central Complex is Dr Larsen. Head towards the western hall to see if the radio is still intact by going down the west hallway and into the western greenhouse. Fight any enemies and destroy any pods as you go, grabbing the loot. You'll discover the radio control panel is broken. General Vargas will update you to let you know there's another radio tower near the prison where the Rangers used to be.

Before you carry on your way, check in with Kathy Lawson and go down the western path. You'll find the serum and an energy weapon. there are a few enemies to fight around here, but it's all worth it. Grab the items and head back to the World Map.

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