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Video Archive: Kat and EA's Donny Moore Play Madden NFL 15

Kat sits down with Madden NFL live content producer & ratings czar Donny Moore to take a look at EA Sports' latest football title!

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This week, the wonderful Kat Bailey will be playing EA Sports Madden NFL 15. But this time she's not alone: At 2pm PST/5pm EST, Kat will be joined by Donny Moore, Madden NFL's live content producer and the gentleman responsible for making sure that all the stats in Madden are correct!

Watch on YouTube

As usual, you can watch the stream above or see it natively on our Twitch channel. Once the stream is over, we'll able be publishing to archive on our YouTube channel!

As always, we'll will be monitoring the chat so feel free to share any thoughts or questions you might have, and we'll be happy to respond.

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