GDC 2008

11% of devs working on games with loot boxes according to GDC State of the Game Industry survey

One-in-ten game developers are working on games that will be supported by “paid item crates” according the State of the Game Industry survey, presented by GDC.

GDC 2008 headlines

  • Asphalt 8 is the first mobile game to support Twitch livestreaming

    Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne is the first mobile game to make use of the new Twitch app for iOS.

  • Rogue Legacy turned a profit within an hour on sale

    Indie darling Rogue Legacy recovered its almost $15,000 budget within its first hour available to buy, according to a GDC post-mortem talk.

  • More developers working on PS4 product than any other console

    Games Industry has posted the results of a poll of more than 2500 attendees at last year’s GDC which says that more of these developers (20 percent) are working on game products for the PlayStation 4 than any other currently supported console.

  • GDC: Rock and Roll Climber to rock the faces of rockfaces

    During today’s Nintendo GDC keynote, Satoru Iwata demonstrated a title called Rock and Roll Climber for WiiWare. Apparently, it allows players to defy virtual gravity by scaling rockfaces using the Wii Balance Board in conjunction with the Wii-mote and Nunchuck. Then, when you reach the top of your craggy adversary, you’re given the ability to […]

  • GDC: Dates announced for GDC 2009

    GDC 2009 will take place on March 23-27 next year, according to this. The Moscone Center, yet again, will be the setting for the show.

  • First shots of improved Home

    Right here. As reported yesterday, PlayStation home has been changed significantly from its showings at GDC and E3 last year. The online, virtual space system for PS3 was seen yesterday in its new form at Imagina 08 in France. Home is now slated for a “spring” release, and you should expect a full showing at […]

  • claims Bach GDC interview is "entirely fictional"

    Double uh oh. reckons the recent Sith Gamer interview with Robbie Bach, which detailed some of what Microsoft is expected to show at GDC next month, is “entirely fictional”. The interview, which claimed Alan Wake and Halo Wars would be shown at the California developer conference, was picked up all over the web, with […]

  • CryEngine2 running on Xbox 360 and PS3 and GDC

    So says, this. Crytek will show the engine running on consoles at the show, presumably as a precursor to announcing a console version of Crysis in the not-to-distant future. GDC, the San Franciscan developer conference, runs from February 18-22.