Gdc 2008

Steam library redesign and events page to streamline the user experience sometime this summer

Valve is sprucing Steam up a bit for users by redesigning the library, and adding an events page.

Gdc 2008 headlines

  • God of War wins Game of the Year at 2019 GDC Awards

    God of War walked home with its third, industry backed Game of the Year award during GDC this week.

  • Google Developer Day sessions to feature Ubisoft, id Software, Amy Hennig, more

    Developer sessions hosted by Google will take place after its big announcement at GDC 2019 next week.

  • Oculus distances itself from the Immersive Tech Alliance

    The Immersive Technology Alliance was officially launched at GDC today, but the most famous VR manufacturer, Oculus, has distanced itself from the group.

  • Forbes lets slip the reveal of Sony's PS4 VR headset

    An apparently premature report posted by Forbes indicates that Sony will reveal a Virtual Reality headset for Playstation 4 at GDC today.

  • New TERA trailer shows off end game content

    TERA claims to be the “true action mmo”, so it’s about time they started showing off some true action end game content.

  • GDC Austin renamed and set for October

    Think Services has announced that GDC Austin will from here on out be officially known as GDC Online, since that’s the event’s main focus – online games.

  • Square Enix to lecture on Final Fantasy XIII at GDC

    The Game Developers Conference has some of its lecturers listed for the March 9 – March 13 event, and it looks as though Final Fantasy XIII will be featured in at least three of ’em.

  • GDC: Molyneux won't talk new game in session today

    Peter Molyneux won’t be announcing a new game in his GDC session today. Sorry to disappoint. “I have a bit of confession about tomorrow really”, he told VG247 in San Francisco yesterday. “A lot of the times I’ve done talks at GDC it was to talk about the game I was working on. This time, […]

  • GDC: Nintendo working on "DSi-enhanced" game cards with DSi-specific features

    DSi, you definitely got your great, great grandpappy‘s genes. Speaking during his “Inspiration Behind Nintendo DSi Development” GDC talk, project leader of the Nintendo DSi Hardware group Masato Kuwahara said that Nintendo plans to release “Nintendo DSi-enhanced game cards,” which will hold more features than your obsolete, back-of-the-closet-bound DS Lite can handle. “For example,” Kuwahara […]

  • GDC: Nintendo unveils WarioWare: Snapped for DSi

    The DS officially has its You’re in the Movies-killer. At today’s GDC keynote, Nintendo gave conference-goers a look at WarioWare: Snapped for the DSi. The game requires that you line up your head and hands for the camera before catapulting you through a, er, typical WarioWare gauntlet so that it can then play back recorded […]

  • GDC: Rock and Roll Climber to rock the faces of rockfaces

    During today’s Nintendo GDC keynote, Satoru Iwata demonstrated a title called Rock and Roll Climber for WiiWare. Apparently, it allows players to defy virtual gravity by scaling rockfaces using the Wii Balance Board in conjunction with the Wii-mote and Nunchuck. Then, when you reach the top of your craggy adversary, you’re given the ability to […]

  • GDC: Nintendo announces new Zelda for DS

    Nintendo just announced a new Legend of Zelda title for the DS. It’s called Spirit Tracks, and will be out later this year! A quick video showed Link on a train “conducting it,” according to our lady on the scene, and then him fighting a monster thing “like an owl.” There was nothing else shown. […]

  • GDC: Final Fantasy IV, My Life as a King sequels confirmed for WiiWare

    Straight from Nintendo’s GDC keynote, the company just announced that a WiiWare version of Final Fantasy IV’s cell phone-based sequel, The After Years, as well as a sequel to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, are on the way. Get the full liveblog of the speech here.

  • GDC: Wii hits 50 million worldwide

    Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata just confirmed that the Wii has reached 50 million sales globally. The news comes from Nintendo’s GDC keynote. Watch our liveblog for more.

  • GDC "looking at moving to an invite model for press access", says CMP

    Uh oh. According to this, GDC organiser CMP has revealed potential plans to move the show to an invite-only model for press, news that will scare the living shit out of journalists that went through the nightmare that was E3 attendance last year. “We don’t have it nailed down, but we are looking at moving […]

  • Jaffe to keynote GDC Career Seminar

    Outspoken developer David Jaffe is to keynote the GDC Career Seminar on February 21 in San Francisco. The God of War and Twisted Metal lead will give a talk titled “From Grunt to God to Startup: Career Lessons from the Edge of Game Development,” which will apparently offer a “realistic view of his career path […]

  • Gears 2 GamePro announcement is "complete nonsense": Rein

    Just in case you thought GamePro had anything of consequence to say about Gears of War 2 in its next issue, it doesn’t. Mark Rein said so. Mark Rein should know what he’s talking about, seeing as he’s Epic’s boss. This is what he just said on the Epic forum: “It is complete nonsense. We […]

  • amBX to announce new publisher partners at GDC

    Philips amBX is to announce new partners for its sensory technology at GDC, a PR spokesperson has confirmed this morning. The company’s stand at the San Francisco show will feature pods split into four, with a publisher’s PC game hooked up to amBX-enabled peripherals in each segment. “We’re going to have Ubisoft, Codemasters and a […]

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