Beatles Rock Band

MTV: Beatles: Rock Band outsold Guitar Hero V “two-to-one”

Boy, time sure flies, doesn’t it? Yet another month is in the books, and we’ve got NPDs to prove it. Now all that’s missing is… oh, good timing – thanks, MTV! Let the post-NPD trash-talk begin!“We outsold them two-to-one on a revenue basis and we outperformed on a unit basis as well, despite the fact […]

10 years ago

Beatles Rock Band headlines

  • MTV: Beatles: Rock Band royalty rates "not even comparable" to previous ventures

    Rhythm game sales may be down 46% in the US, but that hasn’t stopped MTV from shelling out mad money to bring in some overseas assistance. According to sources close to MTV’s deal with Beatles rights holders, MTV’s paying a minimum of $10 million and an expected $40 million in royalty fees to give the […]

    11 years ago
  • Beatles Rock Band screens look psychedelic

    Kotaku‘s holding a bunch of psychedelic screens for Beatles Rock Band and very cool they look too.We must admit, the more we see, the more we like.Game’s out 9th September.Check them out.

    11 years ago
  • Beatles Rock Band DLC restricted to that game only

    Harmonix creative director Josh Randall has told 1UP that if you want to play the Beatles song in Beatles: Rock Band, then you’re going to have to buy the game as downloadable content for the title won’t be compatible with other versions of the game.However, it works both ways too. If you’re a Beatles Rock […]

    11 years ago
  • All You Need is Love to be 360 exclusive for The Beatles: Rock Band

    It has just been announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference that Beatles track All You Need Is Love will be exclusive to Xbox 360.We saw the opening to the game, McCartney was there and it looks rather good, if we’re being honest.The conference is ongoing.

    11 years ago
  • Beatles Rock Band shown at MS E3 presser

    Microsoft’s E3 conference has just kicked off with the first footage from Harmonix and MTV’s Beatles Rock Band.There’s a cartoon-style to the presentation showing various clips of the Beatles playing live, re-imagined videos and of course, The Beatle’s excellent music. Alex Rigopulous revealed it’s the opening sequence to the game.We’re still waiting to hear if […]

    11 years ago
  • God of War 3 not coming this year, MS Conference surprise

    Microsoft is expected to kick off it’s E3 press conference here in a bit and with a “surprise” guest is rumored to be helping demo  The Beatles: Rock Band.Also, those in the know over at Variety say that gamers should not expect God of War 3 this year. It gas been pushed into 2010. No […]

    11 years ago