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SimCity reviews begin, get all the scores here

SimCity reviews have begun Stateside, and we're rounding up every score right here.

Now, you might be wondering why we haven't appraised the game yet. Earlier this week we found out via our local EA rep that the European SimCity servers didn't go live until this morning - which is when the game launched in Europe - so we're only now able to play our copies. Stay tuned.

Now then, those scores:

Polygon - 4/10 (originally 9.5/10)
VentureBeat - 90/100
Gamespot - 5/10
Eurogamer Sweden - 10/10
AusGamers - 9.4/10
XGN - 8.8/10
Gamereactor Sweden - 9/10
CheatCodeCentral - 4/10 - 8/10
Hardcore Gamer - 3.5/5
Game Revolution - 3.5/5
GiantBomb - 3/5

Got a score we missed? Throw it in the comment box below and e'll add it when we can.

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