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Overwatch 2 PVP Beta impressions: Has it come a little too late?

Dorrani sat down with the game for a while now. Here's what he thinks.

Overwatch 2 has had its closed PvP beta out for a little while now, providing everyone invited with an avenue to try the next big step for the colossal Activision Blizzard hero shooter. The first big opportunity to see the game and all its changes, this beta marks an important moment for the sequel. After all, everyone knows that first impressions are hard to shake.

Dorrani, our in-house Overwatch player and video creator was one of the select few invited. Embedded above, he’s wrapped up all his impressions around six minutes of Overwatch 2 beta footage. Be sure to give it a watch for the perspective of a longtime fan of the series trying out the next major instalment.

First things first, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the game looks incredibly similar to the original Overwatch, with an almost identical selection of characters and maps. That being said, taking a closer look at the more intricate changes to each character, as well as graphical improvements reveal where much of the work has been done.

In terms of major new tweaks, there’s the shift from 6v6 to 5v5, which concentrates team compositions and keeps fights hectic and fast paced without shifting the overall feel too much. There’s also a new hero in Sojourn, a fast paced railgun-toting DPS hero which adds some more offensive options without shaking up the meta too much.

Then there’s push, a new game mode introduced to the PVP beta which has both teams escort a robot to portable walls only they can move. The team who has the robot move their wall the furthest wins. It fits the Overwatch style for sure, but lacks that exciting spark.

For Dorrani’s full impressions, you’ll have to check out his comprehensive impressions video embedded above! Once you have, let us know what your impressions are below? Is it too similar to Overwatch 1? Or is that what you were hoping for?

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