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Dishonored 2 M01: A Long Day in Dunwall part 1 - Dunwall Tower

When Dishonored 2 kicks off properly, our hero is trapped in the Royal Chambers and must take revenge in order to secure an exit.

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    Dunwall Tower key items and objectives
  • Escape Dunwall Tower
  • Eliminate Mortimer Ramsey
  • Coin of the Realm (special action)
  • The Ramsey Fortune (special action)

General layout and tips

Your objectives are to retrieve your signet ring, eliminate Mortimer Ramsey and escape Dunwall Tower via the safe room.

The tower consists of two floors. On the top floor, a bedroom, study, closet and bathroom are arranged around a loft library and stairwell. The closet and study doors are locked; the closest guard has the key, and must be pickpocketed.

On the bottom floor is a stairwell, a sitting room, and a throne room.

The door to the safe room is in the bedroom and is opened with your signet ring, which is held by Ramsey. You can let him open it, or eliminate him and take it. It cannot be pickpocketed.

Ramsey is in the throne room but after the player approaches he heads to the safe room.

There are no collectibles in this area, but there are two optional objectives - both are completed in the safe room.


Approach the door and peek through the keyhole to eavesdrop on the guards. Collect Document: Letter from Advisor Helmswater and Document: Ship Launch Protocol from the desk. Open the window closest to the door and climb out onto the ledge outside. With your back to the room, head right, then climb back in through the next window to reach the bedroom.

Collect some minor loot from the bedroom. Approach Alexi to view a scene and retrieve your sword. Collect Document: Audience Request by her hand. Collect Audiograph: Hard Times from the bathroom, along with some minor loot.

Ambush the guard in the library loft outside, optionally pickpocketing him to retrieve the key to the closet and study. If you open the study door, remember to close it or you will alert anyone who passes by (Ramsey) to your escape. Collect some minor loot from the closet if you like; it's a good place to stash bodies, too.

Collect Book: The Royal Protector from the loft library, then ambush the guard in the sitting room on the bottom floor; a good time to practice drop attacks or play with alarm clock decoys. Collect some minor loot from the loft library, stairwells and sitting room.

Open the door to the throne room and eavesdrop on Ramsey and the two guards. Ramsey will eventually stop talking and walk from here to the bedroom, and then into the safe room. You can safely ambush him anywhere once he leaves the throne room.

If you want to take out the two guards and stay stealthy, wait for Ramsey to leave, then grab the still guard while the other one is walking in the direction of the sitting room. Take the other guard at your leisure once he calms down. There's no loot in the throne room but you can interact with the painting of Jessamine and Corvo's "statue".

Eliminate Mortimer Ramsey

As long as Ramsey believes you are in captivity he is easy to kill or knock out as he walks form the throne room to the safe room. If he spots a body, or if the study door is open, he will begin searching for you and it's more difficult to get the drop on him.

Kill or knock out Ramsey then loot his body for the signet ring. You can use this to open the safe room if he has not made it to the door before you strike.

Left to his own devices, Ramsey will open the safe room and take a seat. He's not always easy to reach from his seat so throw a bottle to make him stand up if you need to.

If you are taking the non-lethal route, knock Ramsey out in the safe room or carry his boy there, then lock the door by interacting with the lock from the inside. This completes the objective The Ramsey Fortune.

Gearing up in the Safe Room

Don't run out the safe room door yet: interact with the gun case to collect a pistol and your optic tool - the spyglass or mask. Now you can zoom, which is super handy.

Also grab Document: Crown Killer Strikes Again if you haven't already, as well as Book – Whispers from the Void [1], Book: Whispers from the Void [2], Document: Letter from Wyman, Book: Corvo Attano, The Royal Protector in Our Times [1], Book: Corvo Attano, The Royal Protector in Our Times [2]. You can also read Bonecharms but it doesn't seem to register as a proper book.

Finally, collect a Samuel Beechworth Carving from the shelf on the wall above the bed, and open the safes in the vault room to collect a Gold Ingot and complete the hidden optional Coin of the Realm objective.

We're done here. Next stop: Dunwall Streets.

Be sure you're ready to move on before you open the door - it's a one way trip.

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