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Destiny: Sleeper Simulant review - is it worth the effort?

Destiny: The Taken King players are likely pleased over getting their hands on the Sleeper Simulant fusion rifle. But was it worth the trouble?

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In the video above, Arekkz gives you his review on the weapon which he calls precise, more suited for PvE, and a nice gun despite the limited ammo.

Arekkz says the weapon genuinely feels Exotic and thanks to maxed out impact it hits like a truck; however, it has the ammo capacity of a rocket launcher, so you will need to use it sparingly.

"It's a precise weapon, so critical hits from a heavy weapon will always be an added bonus on the damage front," he says. "And if you're in an environment that supports the ricochet bullets, then you can clear out a room quite nicely; however, for single targets, i.e. bosses, this feature ends up going to waste a little.

"It's definitely more of a PvE weapon than PvP - in the Crucible, given the ammo it's not really a top tier choice. Yes, it will kill in one hit. But because of the limited ammo and no splash damage, it doesn't have any advantages over a rocket launcher - aside from the situational ability to ricochet kill someone.

"Either way, it's a nice gun, one of the better ones out there, but perhaps not the best."

If you're unsure how to acquire Destiny's Sleeper Simulant, there's a step-by-step instruction for you here.

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