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Dark Souls 3: Untended Graves

Mysterious. A world without fire? And with no connection to the abyss?


Dark Souls 3: Untended Graves

Beyond the Oceiros, the Consumed King bonfire is a set of doors leading to a tunnel lined with dead dragon hybrids. One lone live dragon hybrid patrols very slowly up to the corner ahead if you wait long enough.

You can shoot it safely from a distance; it isn’t very aggressive. In general, these things fight with rapid combos, but their most deadly attack is shooting their head forward on elongated necks. Stay to one side and it won’t be a problem. They also sometimes snipe with fireballs from range.

Continue forward and collect the Path of the Dragon emote from the seated corpse, and then the Titanite Scale from the (safe) chest to one side. There’s another chest with a Titanite Scale at the end of the room. Hit the illusory wall behind it to open another path.

In the dark tunnel ahead, move cautiously to the edge of a ledge. Cast Spook or use the Silvercat Ring, just to be safe, then edge out as far to the left as you can (online, there’s usually a “here!” message to guide you). Drop down against the wall and you’ll slide safely to the bottom, where you can activate the Untended Graves bonfire.

It’s very, very dark down here. Don’t be scared! If you peer carefully ahead, you’ll never be surprised. Also, you may not realise this yet, but you already know your way around here...

Move on ahead and grab the Shriving Stone on your left, then curl around the left corner. Ahead in the dark, a corvian shaman and three corvians are waiting. It’s difficult but not impossible to snipe in the dark, so try to knock the shaman down from a distance if you can see their figures. These ash-coloured variants are tougher than the ones you met earlier. When they’re down you can collect the Ashen Estus Ring. While you’re here, take a moment to reflect on what might have been as you gaze into – your own coffin?

Yes, we’re pretty much in the Cemetery of Ash. Head back to the main path and press onwards (left, coming from your grave). You can collect a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight at the fountain – but be wary of the enemies around here! The grunts have been replace with Grave Wardens. We first met these twinblade-wielding enemies in the Cathedral of the Deep. There’s a Grave Warden and two dogs on the right, plus a Grave Warden patrolling between the arch and the left side. A dog is also waiting on the left side, near a Titanite Chunk.

There are two dogs waiting on the path leading right (to where the Giant Crystal Lizard is in Cemetery of Ash). You can collect a Titanite Chunk when they’re dead.

There are two Giant Crystal Lizards in the Giant Crystal Lizard zone, actually. They’re exactly the same as every Giant Crystal Lizard everywhere, so just lure one out on its own and give it a thrashing, then go for the other one. If you don’t like to melee, you can cat and mouse them in the ruins by the fountain; they regularly get stuck on the geometry. As ever, they drop Titanite Scales.

If you are in Ember form still, you will be invaded by an NPC phantom as you move onwards: Daughter of Crystal Kreimhild. If you are walking slowly and retreat as soon as you hear the invasion begin, she won’t aggro, and you can inch your way back to pop a headshot in her. Unfortunately she heals regularly, so it’s very hard to snipe her to death. She uses enormous soul spears as well as homing soul, and her melee is both fast and deadly.

There’s no bonfire on the path (luckily you really only need to kill one Grave Warden and a dog to get this far) so just keep on. Watch for the very unhappy grunt on your left as you advance. There’s a crossbowman waiting in the dark further ahead. You’ll find a grunt waiting to ambush you beside the crossbowman. Don’t just drop down to the item below these guys; there are two grunts down there. The item is a Hidden Blessing.

There’s a crossbowman and another two grunts visible between the ledge and the gate, and another crossbowman tucked into a corner on the left for you to deal with as well. There are no further items to find in this area so don’t feel obliged to hunt down the rest of the grunts on the paths towards the cliff edge.

When you’re ready to fight a boss, head on into where you once fought Iudex Gundyr.

Continue via Champion Gundyr boss guide.

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