Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Tomb of Miktrull Walkthrough Candle Puzzle solutions

By James Billcliffe
22 November 2019 17:20 GMT

By this point in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal is now stranger to an ancient alien crypt. Recalled to Zeffo by the discovery of a second burial chamber – the Tomb of Miktrull – new challenges lie beneath the surface of the lost civilisation’s home world. Just like the last, this tomb is filled with deadly enemies and brain-teasing puzzles.

Here’s how to get through unscathed.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Tomb of Miktrull walkthrough

After you’ve made your way through the Imperial Dig Site, faced off against a powerful enemy, and found the Powered Zipline upgrade, you come across the entrance to the Tomb of Miktrull after squeezing through a tight opening.

On the other side, turn right down the slope, then jump and climb across the wall at the bottom.

Climb up the ledge, then use the ropes to swing across the ravine before sliding down the hill to another climbing wall.

At the top go around to the right and squeeze through the gap. Take out the Stormtroopers and Tomb Guardian on the other side, then Force Push the crumbling wall in the right-hand corner of the room.

This leads into a large flooded chamber. Run across to the other side and Force Push the broken wall.

In this next room, interact with the button in front of you to deploy some candles to burn away the roots.

Then head up the stairs and jump across to the leafy handholds on the wall in front of you.

Climb around to the top and Force Push the wall. Deal with the enemies inside this next flooded chamber, then interact with the button in front of the central hole.

A block will fall down, which you can Force Push against the wall to get up to the nearby doorway.

At this point you can jump across to the other side of the room and open up two secret passages with Force Push. The one on the left contains a chest. The one on the right leads to an Essence echo that you can’t reach quite yet.

Back in the main chamber, continue through the doorway that you can now reach thanks to the block you Force Pushed against the wall.

Turn right and run to the end of the corridor, then turn left and go down the stairs.

Continue along the path, Force Pushing the Stormtroopers off the edge for maximum fun, then wall run to the next area at the end.

Turn right after a little bit on the other side, then swing across the chasm using the two vine ropes, grabbing onto the leaves on the other side.

Magnetic jumping puzzle room

Climb around the back of the stalactite, then jump onto the cliff edge. Press on forwards along the rocks, then turn left before climbing up the high wall at the end of the corridor.

At the top, interact with the button in front of you, then run down onto the platform below.

Your button press caused a large block to be magnetised into the gap between the platforms here, so use the conveniently placed vines to shimmy around and onto the next one.

Beat up the Stormtroopers, then jump onto the next platform and head around to the left.

Balance along the tree branch and make the jump to the next rock spire, then keep jumping around to the right.

Wall run across to the climbable vines, then jump up to face the Purge Trooper at the top.

With him down, interact with the button here.

Now jump down to the left where the block flies out to and use the vines to climb around.

Haul yourself over to the other side, then run around to the left, watching out for the Stormtrooper waiting to ambush you.

Jump across to the circular pillar, then turn around and look behind you. If you Force Push the spiky boi into the cracked gate there you’ll be able to collect a Force Essence.

Back on the circular platform, interact with the button and wait. A block will be pulled into the centre.

Now press the button again and use Force Slow on the block. Run towards it, jump, and hang onto the side.

When the Slow wears off you’ll be able to jump to a new platform and then some vines on the other side.

At the top, wall run to the next circular pillar and ambush the flamethrower trooper, then wall run to the next ledge and climb the vines.

Climb up some more vines at the top and you’ll come to a bridge.

Jump across to the other side, dealing with the enemies, then interact with the button on your right. This releases some candles that you can force push in front of you to burn away the vines and open a shortcut to the central chamber.

Press on through your new shortcut and Force Push the next wall you come across.

Jump onto the chandelier in the middle of the atrium, then over to the other side where there’s another wall to Force Push.

The Purge Trooper lying in wait behind it needs a stern talking to, but will go down easy enough if you take out his friend first to even the odds.

Slide down the steep slope in front of you and to the left, and take out the regular Stormtroopers on the bridge.

On the far side, jump up to the right and climb the bank, turning left at the top through the cracked wall.

Jump down to the left and wander over to the left-hand side of the platform.

Grab onto the grass covered stalactites and climb around, jumping between them to reach the other side.

In front of you are a few lines of crushing thwomp blocks. You can either time your jumps to go in between their cycles, or use Force Slow to hold them in place while you pass safely.

Pressing the button at the end of the corridor will turn them off permanently.

When you get there, squeeze through the narrow gap on your left to get to the next area.

Heal off any damage you’ve taken at the meditation point here, then go around to the right into the illuminated chamber.

Jump onto the sarcophagus by grabbing onto the railings on the bottom, then shimmy over to the left and climb on top using the grassy vines.

Beat up the Stormtroopers above and enjoy the cutscene.

Getting out

Use your new Force Pull ability to grab the rope in front of you and swing across to the vine-covered wall.

At the top, Force Pull one of the candles from the wall in front of you and throw it at the dead vines using Force Push – this burns them away.

Climb up the revealed handholds, then squeeze through the gap on your right to start retracing your steps.

Defeat the enemies in your path back through the sliding thwomp room, then fight the Tomb Guardian at the end.

When you reach the cliff edge, look up and Force Pull the snagged vine rope into your hands and use it to swing across.

Then at the locked gate, use Force Pull on the glowing object on the right-hand side of the gate and pull the rope into the slot behind you.

Wail on the Stormtroopers and droids, then go over to the left on the other side.

There are more ropes you can Force Pull towards you to swing across here, then wall run to get to the next ledge.

Look to your right and there’s another gate you can Force Pull open, before taking out the enemies inside.

Candle chandelier puzzle

You’re now back in the first flooded chamber that you entered, so cross the room and backtrack through the room with the stairs up to the second level.

Clear out all of the enemies on the second flooded level. You can nip back to the side path you opened earlier on the other side of the room now and get the Force Essence if you want.

To get it you need to Force Pull a candle from the right-hand end of the corridor and throw it through the hole above the gate on the left-hand end.

If you’re just interested in finishing the Tomb of Miktrull however, you need to go over to the waterfall on the left-hand side of the room and Force Pull the glowing object to crank up the chandelier.

Then make sure that the magnetic field on that side of the room is switched on using the nearby button.

Now go over to the other side of the room and Force Pull a candle from the wall. Throw it into the magnetic field.

Now jump back across and Force Pull it into your grasp again.

You can now go and throw it at the vines covering the chandelier’s left-hand chain without it being doused by the water.

This smashes the chandelier, which releases a ball like the ones you can in the Tomb of Eilram.

Jump down to the lower level and Force Push the ball into the slot.

This raises the spire and gives you an exit from the Tomb of Miktrull!

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