PUBG’s weekend event mode takes game back to its Early Access basics

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 17 August 2018 12:56 GMT

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is throwing it back to its early days on Steam Early Access.

The aptly named Early Access Memories is this weekend’s event mode in PUBG. The idea is to recreate the old rules, and loot limitations in the more polished game of today.

Some of these directly affect gameplay, like limiting the Tommy Gun, and Kar98k to air drops. Level three helmets, which no longer spawn as floor loot in the main game, can now be found in the world.

Back in PUBG’s early days, care packages used to include camo jackets alongside ghillie suits, which once again is the case in this event mode. One other crucial change from how things are today in the current version is that the damage players take from being in the blue zone doesn’t increase the farther away they are from the safe zone.

There are a couple of other changes, too, though these are more amusing than useful, such as weapons once again spawning on the starting island. Aquarails (jet skis) didn’t exist back then, so you won’t find them in this mode.

Early Access Memories, of course, takes place on Erangel, available for four-player squads. It’s worth pointing out that weapon stats have not changed from the current version. Vaulting is also still in.

Friendly fire is disabled in Early Access Memories, and the mode is available in third and first-person variants in North American, Europe, and Asia. Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and South America only get the third-person option.

The event mode is available now until Sunday, August 19 at 7pm PT, 10pm ET – Monday, August 20 at 3am BST.

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