Street Fighter 5: Juri moves list

By Alex Donaldson, Wednesday, 27 July 2016 13:56 GMT

Street Fighter 4’s sadistic SIN agent is back, but she’s missing an eye and carrying a load of new special moves.


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Street Fighter 5: Juri moves list

Of all the characters added in the Street Fighter 4 series of games, Juri is probably the one that caught the fan attention the most. She’s back in Street Fighter 5 with the same sadistic attitude she had before but with an almost entirely different and nearly unrecognisable move set.

Juri is a character that’s designed to rush-down, getting in the opponent’s face and not giving them any time to breathe whatsoever. She has strong tools for getting in, solid pokes and a V-Trigger that in the right hands powers up and makes her a terrifying one-touch-to-death character – though this is balanced out by special moves that have specific and limited utility and a fairly high execution level.


V-Skill: Kasatsushu (MP, MK Simultaneously)


Pressing and holding the V-Skill buttons will charge up the Kasatsushu, Juri’s V-Skill. Once charged for a moment, releasing the buttons will rush at the opponent, passing through them to kick them from behind. You can cancel out of the charge stage of the move by dashing, meaning you can fake opponents out with it. This move has ‘levels’ of charge (most easily noted by the swirling dust and smoke around her feet), and cancelling out of a semi-charged version of the move retains the charge, meaning you can unleash it with a tap of the V-Skill button again.

At a long distance the fully-charged version of this move can also go through fireballs, but it has quite a start-up, so be careful how you use it.

V-Trigger: Feng Shui Engine Type Alpha (HP, HK Simultaneously when V-Trigger Gauge is full)


Returning from its role as one of her Ultra moves in Street Fighter 4, Juri’s Feng Shui Engine sees her rip off her eyepatch and unlock her true abilities. This means she can cancel every single one of her special moves into each other – and that goes for airborne attacks too. Other properties, such as those of her forward and back dashes, also improve.

Also notable is that in this state all the Fuharenkyaku (Fireball Motion with Kick) moves come out in their ‘charged’ state immediately without needing to build a charge. More on how that move works in the next section.

Special Moves

Fuharenkyaku (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)


This move is a little complicated, having three variants that are significantly different. Each time the move opens the same way – Juri swings her leg upwards with a swish of energy. This is a useful tool to eliminate fireballs – time it right and the small shimmer of energy in front of Juri’s kick will absorb your opponent’s projectile.

The light, medium and heavy kick variants of this all do something different, but all must be charged. Rather than charged as a charge move, performing the move once will make Juri do her fireball-absorbing kick – and that charges that strength’s version. Performing the same strength again will then perform the full, powered up version of the move.

So: A Quarter Circle Forward and Light Kick will result in the close-range, fireball-nulling kick. A second afterwards (and there’s no time limit) will make Juri send out a low-hitting fireball of her own. You can see which you have stored next to your V-Trigger meter, but so can your opponent! Here’s the variants:

  • Light Kick: Once charged, the second version of this move will send a low-hitting fireball across the screen. It doesn’t travel far and as such isn’t very useful for zoning, but it does hit low and can be a good, functional combo extender.
  • Medium Kick: Once charged, the second version of this move will make Juri hop in the air and perform a high-landing kick that’ll land from around mid-screen. Despite how it looks this move is not an overhead, and so will not knock crouching opponents out of their block.
  • Heavy Kick: Once charged the second version of this move sees Juri unleash two powerful kicks that’ll knock an opponent quite far back if it lands.
  • EX Version:The EX version of this move is a mix of all three of the above but without the light kick’s fireball, just the low-hitting sweep that accompanies it. It’s fairly decently invincible on start-up and will push the opponent quite far along the screen if it lands, making it good for making space.

Tensenrin (Z-Motion + Kick / Forward, Down, Forward + Kick)


What was known as her ‘pinwheel’ in Street Fighter 4 is functionally gone but lives on in this, a new uppercut for Juri. The button pressed determines how far diagonally in the air and up this spinning kick travels and how many hits it does. The light kick version has the most utility outside of reaction uppercuts, since it’s fast enough to have some combo utility. There’s an EX version which performs like a powered-up version of the heavy kick version.

Many beginners find the uppercut motion difficult to pull off. The easiest way to do it is to press forwards and then quickly pull down and perform a fireball motion, complete with the punch at the end. So long as you do this in one slick move, an uppercut should come out. Practice! It gets easier over time.

Ryodansatsu (Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)


Juri hops up into the air and does a mid-air spin, bringing her leg down on the opponent. The button used determines how far this move travels – light the shortest distance, heavy almost full-screen. The medium and heavy versions can be used to punish projectiles if you’re careful and react quickly, as the hop in the air is enough to dodge a fireball.

Critical Art (Super) – Sakkai Fuhazan (Quarter Circle Backwards x2 + Kick)


Juri jumps up, flips around and slams her leg down which in turn causes a wave of projectile energy to travel most of the way across the screen but not quite full-screen.

If you do this super close up the kick part will actually connect and it’ll do more damage, though this can safely be done from 2/3rd screen distance and comfortably hit with the projectile. The closer the projectile lands after coming out, the more damage it’ll deal. You’ll want to be in your opponent’s face before popping this.

Air Throw: Zankasen (Light Punch + Light Kick near an airborne opponent)


Juri has an air throw, meaning if you meet an opponent in the air you can grab them and throw them to the ground like any other throw.

Unique Moves:

These moves are ‘normal moves’, but are executed when pressing certain button combinations or sequences, and often have specific uses and properties. Try them in training mode to see what they’re useful for!

  • Korenzan (Back + Heavy Kick)
  • Senkaiyaku (Forward + Medium Kick)
  • Kyoretsushu (Medium Punch > Backwards + Heavy Punch OR Forwards + Heavy Punch)
  • Enkushu (During Jump > Medium Punch > Heavy Kick)

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