Final Fantasy 15 needs to sell ten million units to be successful [UPDATE]

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 1 April 2016 11:58 GMT

Square Enix has clarified a statement made by director Hajime Tabata regarding the number of copies Final Fantasy 15 needs to sell in order to be a success.

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Per a statement released by the company, a “communication problem” during the press conference resulted in the figure being misinterpreted.

“In fact, Tabata was referencing 10 million copies only as a high goal which the development team set to realize their ambition to make the ultimate Final Fantasy game,” reads the statement. “The comment was never meant to be referred as a recoup line of the investment.”

The original story follows.

Thanks, IGN.

Original Post

Final Fantasy 15 sales need to reach 10 million over its life-span, if it is to be considered a success.

According to Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata, the game’s sales must reach 10 million units or more worldwide, over its life-span, to be a success.

Tabata told the press this at a recent press conference, as reported by Kotaku.

Though the number may seem huge, looking at how lavishly Square Enix has invested into the game (producing an anime series, a feature-length CGI film, and a mobile game) it’s not very surprising. There’s also the “over its life-span” point, which makes it so there’s no deadline for reaching this goal.

Should it reach this goal, Final Fantasy 15 will be the series’ best-selling entry.

Final Fantasy 15 is out September 30 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version will be considered after launch.

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