Dark Souls 3: Grand Archives to Twin Princes

By Staff
18 March 2016 09:08 GMT

We’re on the home stretch now.


Dark Souls 3: Grand Archives to Twin Princes

Take the lift up from the Grand Archives bonfire and exit. Before we go running up those barricaded stairs, turn left and climb the stairs. Walk around the rooftop in a clockwise direction for a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight.

Continue to walk around to the other side of this circular roof and look carefully at the tower ahead. See the three figures above? These are three Gertrude’s Knights. They’re very similar to the Winged Knights around Lothric, except they can fly, and the one with two axes can throw them at you.

Put on some lightweight gear and ready Spook, if you have it. Advance towards the tower until the knights drop down, then retreat. Two remain in place while the twin-axes one patrols in an anti-clockwise direction. Lure the two stationary ones down to the circular roof, one by one. Lose them simply by sprinting around the rooftop. When they lose interest, keep going the same way and, with Spook, stab them in the back. Rinse and repeat. The third one can be beaten in a similar fashion along its own patrol route. Alternately, you can snipe the knights by running ahead to the tower, climbing the stairs and ladder, and stepping out onto a lower roof. Killing all three nets you a Titanite Slab – super worth it.

Before entering the tower, cross to the far side of the rooftop and across the peak for an Estus Shard. Praise the sun. Climb the stairs around the tower and then the ladder to reach the Hunter’s Ring (and a short drop to a good sniper perch for the knights, as previously mentioned).

Inside the tower, at the lowest level, you can drop onto the beams of the archives, and thence into the angels’ cage for the Divine Pillars of Light miracle. From there you can drop to another set of beams and walk over to grab a Blessed Gem – but watch out for the maggot man mage below. You should then drop down one more set of beams and then to the highest balcony – you’ll need Spook or the Silvercat Ring. Choose your landing spot carefully, considering that enemies may have respawned.

Back on the main path, move forward up the heavily barricaded stairs. There are a ton of grunts and crossbowmen behind these barricades. Beyond them, you’ll see three shielded grunts, and then the first of four cathedral knights.

When all this horror is down (cheese the knights! They’re very stupid) search the right hand wall for a lift. This drops you back right by the Dragonslayer Armour bonfire. Activate the lift immediately.

There is nothing more to do before we take on the final Lord of Cinder – who is not the last boss, by the way, but you really, really, really want to go away and finish all your NPC quests sooner rather than later.

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