Alien Isolation guide: mission 13

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14 October 2014 12:56 GMT

Unlucky for some.


Alien Isolation guide mission 13 – Consultation – Power Down the Conduit Door Code

Apollo. 13. What could go wrong?

Find a Way to the Lower Floor

Leave the transit and go through to Apollo Transit Security, where you’ll find supplies and a Sevastolink terminal. When you’re ready, leave the room and head left through to Reception. Pop up the steps in here and when presented with the option to Place Weapons on the conveyor belt, do so in order to unlock the door. When it opens, go through into the next room, only to find that the next door is locked.

Check the Apollo Sales Tour Schematics

Check the schematics at the table in this room when given the option, then speak to Ricardo to update your objective.

Power Down the Conduit

Go back to the locked door and use the code scrawled at the top of the schematics to unlock it (4930). Save your progress, before heading down the corridor to the right, towards the Right Hemisphere Overview. Stick to the corridor, following it to the end, where you’ll enter a room containing an audio log which you can listen to before using the Security Access Tuner in the right-hand side of the room.

Shut Off the Turbine Ventilation

Retrace your steps along the hallway and follow the signs to the Left Hemisphere Overview. Carry on down here, through the door to Core Observation, and use the Security Access Tuner over to the right again.

Access Conduit Through the Turbine Shaft

Double back on yourself but don’t enter the main corridor. You’ll see a turbine shaft before you reach it that’s open, so head into it and use the ladder.

Access Apollo

Follow the shaft and it will eventually deposit you into a room. Exit the room via the door that leads to the Right Hemisphere Servers, then take the next door on the right, where you’ll find a Sevastolink terminal and a Gas Mask on a desk that you’ll need to grab.

Find Apollo’s Human Consultation Control Room

Leave the room via the door to the right of the terminal and head around to the right in the next room to find the door to the Monitoring Control Room. Go through the door and into the hallway, then through the door to Human Consultation Control at the end. Use the Security Access Tuner at the other side of the room and save your game.

Search the Left/ Right Server Bank Console

Retrace your steps down the hallway, following it as far as you can, where you’ll come across a door on the left-hand side at the end that contains the Right Hemisphere Servers. Make your way to the opposite side of the room and use the console in the left corner.

Use Access Tuner on Dome Terminal to Gain Access

To your right is a shaft, so head inside, follow it to the end, then use the Security Access Tuner at the central console to refresh your objective.
Find a Way to Reduce Apollo’s Security Capabilities.

It didn’t work! Approach one of the 2 vents on either side of this room, crawl inside and interact with the console you’ll subsequently find above you when you’re given the option. If the option doesn’t pop up, try the vent on the opposite side of the room. When this is done, return to the main room and use the Security Access Tuner at the central console once more.

Consult with Apollo

Just let events unfold and watch Ripley speak with Apollo.

Exit Apollo Beneath Core

Once you’ve wrapped up things with Apollo, save your game and scoot on down the ladder and then down a second one. Pop onto the platform here and select Engineering as your next destination to bring the mission to an end.

Head back to our Alien Isolation guide for the rest of the walkthrough.

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