Wasteland 2 guide: Angel Oracle

By Staff
14 September 2014 00:18 GMT

Deal with the conspiracy at Angel Oracle and complete a few easy side quests.


Wasteland 2 guide: Angel Oracle

Now you’ve dirtied you boots in L.A. it’s time to head north to find Angel Oracle. There’s a big radio tower here that will upgrade broadcasting significantly, but you’ll need to run a few more jobs before you can get to that.

When you enter the area listen out for talk of a “cleansing”. This should open up a side quest for you.

Head towards Guard Llewelyn and learn as much as you can from him. The guards will open the front gates for you, so head through the arch and inside, where you will be pulled into a conversation with an NPC. This is a quiz to test your manners. Answer Sir, Before and Words in the conversation cue and you’ll be free to pass.

Go through the second gate to talk to the Sheriff. Offer you help and head down to the stairs behind him. Talk to the guard in front of the cage and the man in the cage, Fletcher. Now go back upstairs and you’ll be blamed for Fletcher’s escape by the Sheriff. You need to offer one of your own crew as a hostage so go for the least useful member.

The Sheriff will give you access to the radio tower if you press him, so go back down stairs and chat with the guard again. Use Hard Ass if you’re high enough and chose the cue “nose” and you’ll find out the whoever attacked the guard was wearing black tire armour.

Go upstairs and into the building then Sheriff is standing in front of. Talk to the Captain about armour reserves and he’ll tell you the missing armour smells of corn and is covered in mud. Go down the stairs again and to the left of the prisoner area out of the gate and into the field. You’ll see footprints on the ground which lead to a vent packed with dirt and cement.

Follow the trail back a little ways until you come to Elizaveta, Fletcher’s wife. Talk through the entire conversation and she’ll tell you friends helped with the escape, as well as some other things about Angel Oracle.

There’s a plan afoot to overthrow Mr Manners by framing him for Fletcher’s death. Once you know all of the sordid details, go to the center of town and interact with the large metal door near the gate to the back fields.

This is Mr Manner’s “press office”. Go past the closed door and talk to him. Mention the Robinson plot and gain access to the radio as well as finish the side quest to help a condemned man.

Once you’re done with Manners go to the guarded locked door – they are now open. Use the Repeater Unit on the panel to help the Rangers broadcast into L.A.

Speak to Manner one last time and he’ll ask you to go to the press office. You can pick up another side quest to bring the leader of the revolt to justice, and he’ll mark your map where Tori Robinson is supposedly hiding.

Side Quest: Help Lindy Lou

Lindy Lou is near the ventilation shaft. Talk to her and head to the store to pick up the parts she needs. Return them to her and the quest is over.

Side Quest: Bring Darla Water

Go out the main gate and turn left (as your camera is looking towards the wasteland icon). Near the edge of the paved area is Darla, who calls down from a watchtower. Go back to Guard Llewelyn and get the canteen from him and pass it to Darla via the bucket line. Quest complete!

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