The best of Watch Dogs: 13 fan-made videos inspired by CTOS

By Staff, Thursday, 3 July 2014 08:27 GMT

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Gorgeous fan creations, brilliant real world recreations, and hilarious multiplayer moments: this is the best of the best of Watch Dogs videos.


One of the best things about Watch Dogs is that it’s such a huge world, so when you’re taking a break from the story you can hang about in the city messing with people – it’s especially fun in multiplayer. We’ll kick off with a few videos of people doing just that, and having a whale of a time.

If you’re looking for suggestions on what to do in Watch Dogs, Rooster Teeth has a number of suggestions of fun activities to pursue with your friends, including the ever-entertaining Boat Blender.

Vanoss Games has one of the best compilations of classic Watch Dogs multiplayer moments. Highlights mostly include the humiliation of Vanoss’s mate H2O Delirious, but there’s a few good glitches in there and it ends with a death-defying car jump.

Multiplayer really is rife with hilarious moments; speedyw03’s compilation is pretty good, too. Aiden’s victory dance upon getting a bike in the back of a pick up is particularly delightful.

Here’s another compilation with the same multiplayer crew, which provides an explanation of the “field of elf jizz” comment in the video above.

Vanoss also produced a pretty good single-player compilation, with a huge traffic explosion, a nice game of hide and seek and a terrific ragdoll corpse glitch. Skip to 1:17 to get started.

On the subject of glitches, this video was put together by a highly disgruntled player, but if you switch off annotations it just plays as a pretty amusing line up of glitches, physics freak outs and AI errors. In a game of this size, these things are expected – but that doesn’t make them any less funny.

Next: rap tributes, real-world recreations, and – Minecraft?!

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