Lowest-rated PS4 game Basement Crawl was a mess and will be fixed

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 24 May 2014 15:42 GMT

Basement Crawl is the lowest-rated game to grace PlayStation 4. Bloober Team has admitted it was a mess and plans on rectifying the situation.

basement crawl

Speaking with GameSpot, Bloober Team’s Marc Colhoun apologized to those who purchased Basement Crawl, and said the team is in the process of rebuilding.

“The game was a mess for both [consumers] and us,” said Colhoun. “Rather than accepting defeat on this and issuing a patch, we have been rebuilding the game, completely from scratch and on a new engine.

“I think that if you have put a bad product out to people it is your job to do what you can to fix that. Even if it means going back to the drawing board on a game that has already been released. We don’t want to come out and say it is going to be 10/10 GoTY, but [it’s] just a way for us to regain the trust of gamers.”

Colhoun said anyone who purchased the original game will be given the updated version free, and the teams is getting in touch with as many players as possible for feedback.

“We don’t want anyone to think that this is some kind of quick money grab. We will be giving this game for free to people who bought the original game,” said Colhoun. “A spoke about how there needs to be a tutorial, AI, more game types and so on.

“We have added all of these things into the game and more. We aren’t talking about it too much right now simply because we are in no position to be making promises to people.”

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