Here’s all of the leaked Watch Dogs gameplay footage so far

By Staff, Thursday, 22 May 2014 09:57 GMT

Watch Dogs footage is leaking like melted cheese out of a XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger in heat, and we’ve collected all of the clips here for you to stare at until the game launches on May 27. Not long now folks. Stay strong.


But first, why not check out these two rather awesome Watch Dogs fan fims. We’ve got one that sees Aidan chasing a perp using sweet parkour moves, and another that sees him fighting cyborgs in a strange digital trip. They’re neat, watch them.

OK then, wet-suits at the ready, because things are about to get leaky up in here:

Xbox 360

These clips from Mugen Fantasy give us a first look at Watch Dogs on Xbox 360, and show Aidan driving around Chicago while occasionally running around on foot. It doesn’t look bad, and it’s hard to tell from these videos, but it’s not visually mind-blowing. It seems to lack the colour of fellow sandbox game GTA 5 and looks a bit drab at points, but of course, Ubisoft is obviously going for a different tone here.

Here’s another 360 clip, this time of a Digital Trip mission called ‘Alone’ by Game-eXperience.

Watch Dogs – digital trip Alone xbox 360 version by game-eXperience

They’ve posted footage of another trip called ‘Psychedelic’ that sees Aidan free-falling from the sky then bouncing on flowers.

Watch Dogs – digital trips Psychedelic xbox 360… by game-eXperience

Lastly, they’ve posted footage of the Watch Dogs drinking game:

Watch Dogs – Drinking game xbox 360 version by game-eXperience

Meanwhile, on PS4

Daily Motion user PlayFrance has uploaded the Watch Dogs intro sequence. View this at your OWN RISK BECAUSE SPOILERS.

Watch Dogs – séquence d'introduction by PlayFrance

The raw PS4 footage that leaked earlier this week has been nuked by Ubioft, so we couldn’t include it here. Not to worry, it’s out in a matter of days.

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