Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops – Déjà Vu (PlayStation Exclusive)

By Johnny Cullen
18 March 2014 07:34 GMT

Revisit Shadow Moses and remember 1998 as Snake takes you down memory lane.

Note: This Side Op is exclusive to the PlayStation versions of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes.

Déjà Vu contains a lot of nods to Metal Gear Solid 1 as you attempt to recreate scenes from it – none more evident than the mission’s beginning – a nod back to the game’s intro screen.

Once that’s over and done with, get cracking: there’s a lot of things to get nostalgic about.

It should be said that once you achieve at least one flashback, you can end the mission if you please, but where’s the fun in that? For the sake of it, the running order in completing objectives in this walkthrough is how they’re ordered in the iDROID.

First, make your way from the prison camp to the heliport and then reach the other side of it to reach the helicopter sitting there. Get behind cover and then look at the front of it to trigger the first flashback scene, the Hind D sitting on the heliport at the beginning of MGS1.

Right next to the Hind D is an empty helipad with a box in the middle. Run to it and pick up the grenades to get the next flashback (though mind the roaming spotlights and any guards in the general vicinity).

Next, there is a red door with a security camera adjacent it, not too far away from where the last two flashbacks took place. Turn back and head towards it and you’ll see the door without fail. Find some cover opposite the camera and that’ll trigger the next flashback scene. Careful, though: it’s still a camera so be careful in not being spotted.

On the list after that is the Easter Island head. Go through the very same red door to head towards the underground section of the admin building. Once you’re in, go right on your next turn where the flashing light is, take a few steps forward into the next room where the boilers are, look right again and you’ll see the head sitting there in its glory.

Next, double back to the camp settlement that is adjacent to the cliffside where you start Ground Zeroes. Next to the campsite is a pantry where grenades and C4 are kept. Take the explosives, then from afar, equip a grenade and chuck it into the open-lidded heavily armoured vehicle that is in the camp. That will then set off the next flashback: the boss fight with the tank and the gunner.

Afterwards, head back to the heliport. There’s a jeep next to an empty helipad to the Hind D’s right. Take the jeep and drive it towards the underground tunnel: that’ll set up the next flashback scene, MGS1’s finale between Liquid and Snake/Meryl.

Your final flashback will see you having to get back into the heliport. To be more specific, the admin building. Get in using the red door detailed here and here.

Once you’ve done that, keep going until you see a fenced-off set of transformers. Get to the gate, pick it open and go to the first transformer on your right. Turn the power off to the building and that’ll trigger the last flashback, the fight with Psycho Mantis.

After that, head towards a duct opposite the main gate of the admin building. Crawl into the duct and you’ll finish the mission. After the credits, there’s a quiz on Metal Gear Solid you can choose to take if you’re up for it.

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