Watch Dogs DLC plans were being made before delay, lots of stories to tell, says Ubisoft

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 23 January 2014 13:03 GMT

Watch Dogs may be delayed into spring, but a new interview conducted before the date change confirms that Ubisoft Montreal was considering its DLC strategy at the time, and is keen to tell more stories from within the game’s universe. There’s also some clarity on who Aiden’s female friend is.

It follows our report on the Watch Dogs budget, which was said to be $68 million before it was delayed.

Now, in an interview with OXM, producer Dominic Guay was asked for his thoughts on Watch Dogs’ DLC slate.

He replied, “Yeah, we’re working on DLC plans right now, we definitely intend to have a DLC… we’re looking at early next year for potentially good timing for us, for that. There’s a lot of stories for us to tell in the Watch Dogs universe, and there’s different perspectives we’d like to explore, so I think for us it would be a great opportunity.

“One thing we’re also exploring is how we could, in the next month after shipping the game, create more gameplay within it, because it’s a rich city and we have a lot of ideas for fun things we could be doing in it that we don’t necessarily have in our scope right now, so we’ll be exploring different kinds of gameplay that we could also push within that gameworld following the release.”

Again, bear in mind that the interview was conducted before the release slip. It wouldn’t be surprising if Ubisoft decided to flesh out Watch Dogs with new story content after release, in a similar fashion to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and its predecessors.

Guay was also asked who Watch Dogs’ female character is – seen above – and replied, “The character you’re talking about is Clara, Clara Lille, and she is someone who’s going to become an ally to Aiden Pearce over the course of the game and so for us… we haven’t communicated too much on the story but one of the things that’s really interesting for us is seeing how those characters that are all shades of grey interact with one another, and building our stories along that path.

“So Clara is someone who has been involved in hacking a lot and so obviously her skills are useful to Aiden, but she also has her own past, her own storyline, and those are things you’re going to be able to explore and discover as you play through the game.”

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