Dead Rising 3 & Crimson Dragon gameplay footage and screens escape TGS, watch here

By Dave Cook, Friday, 20 September 2013 13:01 GMT

Dead Rising 3 and Crimson Dragon are just two titles being showcased by Microsoft at Tokyo Games Show right now. The company has sent over a new Crimson Dragon gameplay videos, as well as details and screens for both Xbox One games. See it all here.

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In particular, Capcom Vancouver has been showcasing Dead Rising 3’s co-op and mad weaponry at the show. I covered most of the details and co-op screens here.

The studio has also highlighted the game’s ‘Super-combo Weapons’ this week. They require three components to craft and in some cases multiple blueprints. These include the Ultimate Powershout, which is a huge, blaring horn made from stacked traffic cones, the Ultimate Grim Reaper,, which is a flaming scythe forged out of a katana sword, scythe, gas canister and a mask.

There’s also the Massive Bomb, which I saw in action at gamescom. It’s fucking nuts. Basically, it’s a mini-nuke that evaporates every zombie nearby and melts your clothes off, right down to your boxers.

Super-combo Weapons can be customised further, such as the “Freedom Bear” from Dead Rising 2. It’s a huge stuffed bear that serves as a turret thanks to twin attached machine guns. You can modify it eight ways in Dead Rising 3 by adding grenade launchers, a push cart and a boombox lure in zombies. Screens are below.

Crimson Dragon is next, and as you can see from the trailer above, it’s still rolling on towards its November 22 launch on Xbox One. Microsoft confirmed that if you buy the game before December 31, you will unlock an exclusive dragon. We’ve got screens below.

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