LotRO: Riders of Rohan introduces Warbands

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 5 October 2012 04:24 GMT

Lord of the Rings ONline will gain a new kind of daily quest with the Riders of Rohan expansion – Warbands.

According to a developer post, the idea behind Warbands is to introduce an enjoyable world mob that doesn’t necessarily require a raiding party to take down. Rather than fronting a single enormous boss-type foe likely to smack solo players, warbands could contain any number of enemies and can be tackled along or in groups, so everyone can have a chance at getting some of the spoils. Warbands may be anything from single troll to a pack of Warg-riders.

Warbands roam the landscape and will appear on a player’s mini-map when close. If the player approaches, they’ll be given an optional quest to take the Warband out, which will be repeatable every day.

Every player who accepts the quest will receive credit, XP and spoils for taking out the Warband, so no kill stealing is necessary. When a Warband is defeated, it drops a giftbox packed with rare materials, housing items, potions, marks, medallions, jewelry, shards, relics, mounted relics, second age symbols and exclusive War-steed appearances. There will be ten daily Warbands so players can amass quite a few giftboxes in short order.

Riders of Rohan launches on October 15.

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