Smedley outlines monthly DCUO content updates, promises “absolutely” no charge

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 14 January 2011 09:41 GMT


Following confirmation last year that DC Universe Online would receive monthly content updates, SOE boss John Smedley has promised new raids, “graphics” and more.

The game, which released earlier this week in the US and today in Europe for PS3 and PC, sounds as though it’s going to be well-supported.

“You’ll get large new raids, new end-bosses to fight, new quests, new graphics, new features – we’re looking at new voice features,” the exec told Eurogamer.

“There are many, many things you’ll be getting, and a constant stream of it. That’s why we’ll keep the dev team so large, so we can continue to crank out content.”

Smedley said that 115 staffers are currently working on the MMO, adding that these monthly updates will carry no charge.

“Absolutely not,” he said when asked if general content additions will pack a cost.

“We will have a micro-transaction marketplace demo on here, but for actual content no. In the future we may have expansion packs, but if you’re talking about the regular monthly patches then no, we won’t be charging for those.”

It’s out now. Go get it.

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