Homefront screens and preview denote a shooter that draws an emotional response

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 6 November 2010 18:38 GMT


THQ’s Kaos-made FPS Homefront has a few new screenshots for it, and we’ve got ’em for you below.

The game’s been previewed by quite a few different sites over the last week or so, and it sound like an interesting shooter, and one THQ’s Danny Bilson believes will “compete” with others of the same genre.

According to the game’s lead level designer Rex Dickson, the development team’s goal is “to make you feel emotion” and if the preview posted on Kotaku is anything to go by, this goal was met in spades.

“I heard the pitched, despairing voice of a mother telling her child not to look. To turn away. To not let what was going to happen next be an unforgettable scar. The scene came into view: a child wailing as his parents are lined up against a wall and shot to death.

I wanted to climb out of that bus and take action. Soon, a resistance fighter rammed the bus with a truck, freed my character and handed me a machine gun. For the first time in a war game, I wanted to make the bad guys pay.”

Heavy stuff.

Homefront releases next March for PS3, 360 and PC. A multiplayer demo is planned.

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